8 Benefits of Private In-Patient Addiction Rehab


The problem of addiction is prevalent in almost every corner of the world. It has affected millions of individuals and their families. In-patient addiction rehab programs, such as those provided by Bridges of Hope, offer expertly managed care for those who are struggling with drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions. Read More

How to be Grateful This Holiday Season


This time of the year can be very stressful. All the holiday preparations, making sure everyone has presents and all the holiday meal groceries and menus are made, the parties attended, the list goes on. Things can become so chaotic this holiday season that the real meaning of Christmas can get lost.

Guess what–there’s a lot more things to celebrate than the food on the table, the gifts under the Christmas tree, the clothes on your back. For one, just the fact that you’re alive and sober is worth celebrating enough. Read More

How to Enjoy Christmas Parties without Alcohol


It’s that time of the year again and you probably have invitations to Christmas parties left and right. However, Christmas parties also mean there will be alcohol–and loads of it. So if you’re in recovery or trying to be sober, here are ways you can say “No” to alcohol while still enjoying your Christmas party.

If you haven’t touched a drink in your life, then it’s easy for you to say “No” to alcohol. However, if you’ve been a party animal before, always drinking, or known by your friends for being the drunken life of the party, then declining alcohol may not be such a simple thing. Read More

5 Addiction Delusions That Keep You From Getting Help


Addicts have a knack at making themselves believe addiction delusions so that they can go on living their lives without consequence or treatment. They do this by rationalizing their habits, particularly their drug or alcohol use, or even behavioral addictions such as gambling. Read More

5 Cliche Quotes That Are Important in Your Recovery


If you’re in recovery, you may have already heard hundreds of cliche quotes and affirmations that are designed to help you get through the rough patches. In fact, you may have seen dozens of quotes posted in walls in your addiction rehab facility during your time in treatment. Read More

How to Thank Your Family for Supporting Your Addiction Recovery


Addiction recovery can be challenging to your family too. Of all people, however, they’re the ones who stood by you through it all–from the dark times of your active addiction and now as you traverse your new life sober. Here are some tips on how you can show how much you appreciate them.

Going through the addiction rehab process is not only hard on you–it’s also difficult for your family. They will be left alone while you’re in a safe, secure, drug-free environment learning all sorts of life skills and coping mechanisms. While you can focus on yourself without the distractions of the outside world, your family is out there, most likely dealing with all the problems you have left behind.  Read More

Planning to Check Into Addiction Rehab? Here’s What to Do


If you’re planning to check into an addiction rehab, then congratulations to you. Not everyone has the insight to acknowledge that they have an addiction or a substance use problem, much more to make that step into getting treatment. Read More

How Rehab Works: Here’s What You Should Know


Wondering whether addiction rehab works and if you really should have an addicted loved one admitted in one?

Here is how addiction works and the stages you or an addicted loved one will go through on the path to sobriety and recovery. (And yes, rehab works indeed!)

Read More

How Moving On Unlocks a Life-Long Recovery


How you grew up and the experiences you carry along with you can also have an impact on the development of addiction as well as your chances for life-long recovery. However, there’s no real formula to tell who will succeed with their sobriety intact.

Reality is, what you learn throughout your life as well as your attitudes and interactions with people and your environment can influence you. They can make you develop patterns, both harmful and otherwise.  Read More

Bridges of Hope Goes to Bagong Lipunan, Quezon City


Bridges of Hope, in partnership with the local government unit of Bagong Lipunan ng Crame in Quezon City, has conducted a seminar on drug addiction and treatment last July 28, 2017. Led by Bridges of Hope Senior Program Director, Guillermo “Gimo” Gomez, BH shared a seminar on addiction, its causes, symptoms, and pharmacology, among many other related topics.

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