Do You Have Concealed Depression? Look at These 15 Signs




In this age of sharing, and even over-sharing, there are still those who are not open about what they feel. Some of these people may have what we call concealed depression–and you may be one of them.


Depression is a serious mental disorder that many people suffer from. It has also taken many lives in the process due to suicide. One kind of depression is being talked about today–concealed depression. Here, people are not sharing their struggles or are trying to hide it so they are not able to get the treatment they need.

Do you know someone who is always down or someone who is trying to hide their feelings? Take a look at these 15 signs to know if they may have concealed depression and need professional help. Without the right treatment, they may turn to addiction to cope, which can then turn spiral into a co-occurring disorder.

15 Signs of Concealed Depression

  1. Expressing feelings through creativity. People with concealed depression may express their struggles through creative works. They have deep feelings and these can translate to the things they do, which most people would find simply brilliant, but are simply their way of coping.
  2. Feeling inadequate. They suffer from feeling incomplete so they constantly search for purpose and meaning in their lives. This can also often lead to anxiety.
  3. Losing interest in hobbies. While they may be creative, they will have moments when they lose interest in the things they once like to do. They may quit at something or abandon activities altogether because of a lack of drive.
  4. Change in appetite. People with concealed depression will either overeat or have no appetite even for their favorite foods.
  5. Change in sleeping habits. They may suffer from insomnia or may excessively sleep for hours and through extended days. They use sleep as an escape.
  6. Seeking love. They seek affection, love, and even romance as a way to validate themselves and give them a feeling of being adequate.
  7. Perfectionism. They can be pretty hard on themselves. They feel like if they are a certain way, they will be accepted and loved by others. This can also reflect in they things they do.
  8. Huge abandonment issues. A big part of why they have concealed depression is that they’re afraid they are going to be abandoned by the people they love and trust if they knew.
  9. Covering up feelings. They may make a lot of jokes and appear to be very happy and put together just so no one would think about the real struggles they have to deal with on their own. They may also tell the most incredible stories to cover up why they didn’t go out, attend the family get-together, or are just totally secretive.
  10. They have outlets. While people naturally have a way to unwind or relax, people with concealed depression have their lives depended on whether they can do their run or hit the gym or take those gardening classes that day. Since every day is a struggle, being able to do what they do to cope is very important to them.
  11. They overdo at projecting happiness. You can see them only posting about the good stuff on social media. They want other people to believe that they are happy and that there’s nothing wrong with them.
  12. Thinking too much about life and death. They think a lot about what it means to be alive and what it means to die. These thoughts can be very difficult for them and for some, these thoughts can lead to suicide attempts.
  13.  Subtle cries for help. While they try so hard to cover up their depression, you can see the cries for help when you look closely or try to see beyond the superficial. The cues may be subtle, but they’re easily noticeable for the people that know them the most.
  14. They over-analyze. A lot of what makes them sad about their lives is due to the fact that they can’t shut off their brains. They over-analyze things to the point that they can’t find satisfaction even on the good things that happen to them.
  15. Substance abuse issues. Those with concealed depression may turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. It can also be as simple as drinking too much coffee or smoking a lot, but there are those who turn to illegal drugs as a way to escape themselves.

If you know someone who has depression and has turned to illegal drugs and excessive drinking, seek help for them. Call or text us at 09175098826.

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