Dealing with Addiction in the Time of the Pandemic



Find out how addiction in the time of the pandemic has increased and how you can win the battle against it.

It was called a pandemic within a pandemic. Addiction in the time of the pandemic has increased, including mental health and behavioral disorders.

The virus has created a global impact of biblical proportions, significantly affecting countries and economies as well as all aspects of daily life. Meanwhile, people are faced with fear, worry, anxiety, and uncertainty, especially since now, 6 months into the pandemic, the end is still nowhere in sight.

Millions of people’s lives are now on a stand still, their livelihood and daily life disrupted. Many, if not most, are stuck at home, under shutdowns and lockdowns, made to follow social distancing measures. It is indeed a new normal.

addiction in the time of the pandemic

And in the face of all this, people who are suffering from addiction, or substance use disorder, are also left vulnerable. In fact, even those who are already in recovery, find dealing with the pandemic an epic struggle to keep their sobriety.

Dealing with Addiction

While there are those recovering addicts who found a positive impact in slowing down their lives due to the lock downs and quarantine measures, there were those who weren’t faring just as well. For those who are struggling, the pandemic has brought them more triggers that push them towards compulsive, addictive behaviors. And the isolation and distancing isn’t helping either.

Some of the major stressors or triggers that those with addition in the time of the pandemic are:

  • uncertainty about health
  • fear or infection
  • worry about job security
  • financial concerns
  • worries about the future
  • feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • anxiety over the increasing cases
  • knowing someone who have been infected or worse, have succumbed to the virus

Despite the lockdowns, however, selling of addictive substances have not stopped operations. People who have addiction to various substances still find means to get a hold of their illicit substance of choice. There doesn’t even seem any sign of this slowing down.

Getting Help and Support for Addiction

Getting the right help for addiction at this time should not be a problem, as treatment centers such as Bridges of Hope continue is operations to help these vulnerable group of our society. With stringent protective measures in place, addiction rehab facilities in the Philippines such as Bridges of Hope manage to continue treating individuals in a safe environment across its nationwide locations, while still being free from COVID-19.

Thanks to Bridges of Hope Philippines’ decisive leadership and strict yet comprehensive health protocols, our facilities remain free from infection.

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