What are the criteria for admission?

Immediate family members (such as parents, siblings, spouse, or legal guardian) should sign documents and waivers provided by Bridges of Hope staff in order to admit someone for intervention.

Is there a waiting list?

There is generally no waiting list, but please check availability when you inquire.

What do I do upon admission?

Upon admission, you are given a step by step procedure and guidelines on your obligations and role in the program as a family member or co-dependent.

How can we get our loved one in your facility?

With proper coordination, cooperation, and documentation we should be able to help a family bring in their loved one who needs help.

What is the schedule of your admission and retrieval?

Our facility is open 24/7 for admission and retrieval process. Just call our hotline, 09175098826, for assistance and coordination.

Can you pick someone up straight from the airport?

Yes we can, again, with proper documentation, cooperation, and coordination.

When and how do I make payments or payment schedule?

You may arrange this with our admin department.



How long does the treatment last?

The treatment lasts for one year, but because it is progressive, it depends on the maturity, performance and learnings of the resident.

What happens to our loved ones when they enter the facility?

They, the residents, will be advised to rest for a few days so they can be nourished physically and mentally before their program starts.

What can we expect from the first few months of treatment?

The first few months, the residents generally experience heightened cravings for the substances, so managing the withdrawal/detox program is top priority.

What do they do inside?

Our normal daily routine is packed with activities to help them identify who they are and how to work on their weaknesses and make them strengths. Complete program activities will be given to families upon admission.

What is the typical day in the facility like?

Residents are divided and assigned their own departments and each of them have their own daily tasks that they need to accomplish before the end of the day.

Is there a dress code?

There is no uniform, but we do have guidelines on what male and female residents should and should not wear, and this is handed out by the admin office.

Can the residents work while in treatment?

Generally, this is a privilege that can be earned after a few months of treatment, when the resident have manifested genuine change and transformation.

Can residents bring into the facility gadgets like phones, laptops, etc?

No, gadgets and electronics are not allowed so that the residents will have no distractions.

What if the resident has underlying health conditions?

We encourage the family to completely fill out the medical background report so we can proceed and manage the resident properly.

What if the resident has underlying mental condition/s?

When there is permanent mental disability/condition, we would recommend transfer to the proper medical facility where resident can be treated accordingly.

What if the resident has a special diet?

Our medical staff handles their daily diet and nutrition plan.

What if the residents has religious restrictions?

We respect everyone’s religious affiliations and beliefs, and give them the necessary time and space to practice them.

What if the resident has prescribed medication, and how will it affect the detox and treatment program?

Our medical director reviews all residents’ current and past medical history and makes medical recommendations accordingly.

Is there a detox program?

Yes, the detoxification program is medically supervised and it is incorporated into the program.

Is there family and/or marriage counselling?

Yes, family and marriage counselling sessions are provided in the facility.



When can we start to see our loved one?

Normally, visitations begin 7-8 months after admission.

What is allowed/not allowed during visitation?

The general rules of visitation are given to the family when the resident is given this privilege.



What happens after rehab?

We take pride as the only center that provides free lifetime aftercare program and halfway house privileges.

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