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Playing video games can be a fun way to pass the time. Video games played with a computer, console, or handheld device, are after all created in a way that is engaging, challenging, and very entertaining. Many state of the art technology go into ensuring that each video game that comes out is something that players and avid gamers would play for hours.

Video Game Addiction Can Ruin RelationshipsFor some who love playing video or computer games, it can be part of one’s daily or weekly routine. However, it becomes a problem when gaming starts to interfere with daily responsibilities, relationships, and even health and well-being.

Enter gaming addiction.
What is Gaming Addiction?

Children skipping school on a daily basis to play video games such as MMORPGs, professionals and grownups staying at home and skipping work or appointments just to finish a level in a game…there are even reports all over the world of people dying as they spend days in front of a computer or video game, barely eating, drinking and sleeping.

Gaming addiction is real.

Although not yet officially recognized in the medical field as a diagnostic disorder, there are many, in fact innumerable, cases of people facing very real and severe consequences associated with their compulsive need to immerse themselves in their virtual gaming world.

Video Game AddictionHowever, not all who play or are fond of playing these games are addict. Some are able to effectively balance their real life with their life in the gaming world. However, for many people, gaming becomes the center of their world–neglecting real, social interactions, responsibilities, commitments, and even their health and hygiene–because they are so enthralled with the latest game they are on.

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