How a Gratitude List Can Keep You Sober



Whatever our situations are, life sprinkles us with plenty of blessings every day. While some may be big and others are small, they are all worth being thankful for just the same. Recognizing all these blessings in your life on a daily basis is a wonderful exercise of positivity, which may help you face the hurdles of life. For someone touched by addiction, or in recovery, knowing these blessings in your life and acknowledging them is extremely helpful.


One way to make yourself regularly aware of your blessings is by making a gratitude list. A gratitude list is a valuable tool to help you see the beauty in even the darkest times in your life, so that you can inject more positivity in every day. A gratitude list is also great to start your day on a more positive way so you can better face whatever lies ahead.

Gratitude and Addiction

Having a gratitude list allows you to be aware of the things that you have, big or small. People who focus on what they have and are thankful for them are less likely to relapse. Meanwhile, those who are intent on looking at the things they lack in life tend to be more stressed out and therefore risk going back to addiction as their escape.

When you are in recovery and don’t know how to start your gratitude list–a great item to put first is your own recovery. Be thankful that you are in that place now. From there, look at what it adds to your life and you’ll be surprised at the many things that you can list.

Having a gratitude list to remind you every day of the things you have will help keep you strong, positive, and motivated with your life in recovery.



Keeping a Gratitude List

  1. Be committed to writing a gratitude list every day. Even if you can just write a phrase or word on just a few items, as long as you can list the things you are thankful for–it’s fine. You can also write the things you are thankful for everyday in more detail and see how your mood lifts.
  2. Choose the medium you are comfortable with. You can use a pen and paper, keep a gratitude notebook, type them in your smartphone or computer, or use your calendar. Whatever works for you is fine. Just remember that you may want to keep these lists and reread them in the future.
  3. When you get overwhelmed or are feeling weak, take out your gratitude list and read them. Remember the good things that you have in your life. Soon, the fog will lift and your thoughts and cravings will also disappear.
  4. If a day comes that you feel so down, write anything anyway. There is always something you can find positive in your life: the weather’s great, you have a good cup of coffee, the music playing from the radio is great…anything. Just keep writing.
  5. If one day you feel like your life couldn’t get any better–that’s the more reason for you to write a longer list! Keep the attitude of gratitude in bad times and good times.
  6.  Make writing your gratitude list a daily habit. Writing it to start your day can make you more motivated and in good spirits while writing a gratitude list at bedtime can give you a more restful sleep.
  7. Have a gratitude buddy whom you can share gratitude lists with.  Share them with each other and you will soon have something more to look forward to, be thankful for, and someone who will keep you on your toes.
  8. It’s not instant, but soon enough, you will notice that you seem to be happier and more at peace with your life everyday.

Start writing your gratitude list today. If you don’t know where or how to start, just think  about what led you to this post. Be thankful for finding this post to help you lead your life in sobriety and recovery. Always be grateful for being alive and for the chance to make better choices.

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