Only in the Philippines: Shabu Reigns Number One (Now What?)



Methamphetamine or crystal meth, known in our country as shabu, is the most widely used drug, with about seven million people (10% of the population), using it.

These figures are alarming, because it can mean that one in ten people are addicted to shabu.


And the youth may be at high risk.

In a report by international website on addition and recovery, thefixshabu has become even more popular in the country, especially to the youth because its pushers are practically giving it away. In the article written by John Lavitt, Philippine National Police anti-drug operatives reported that the goal of these pushers is to get the kids hooked to shabu, an alarming tactic. “The pusher gives it for free until the student becomes dependent and becomes his regular customer. So it’s affordable, free at first in order to entice [the students] until they are forced to buy at the regular price,” said a PNP chief inspector.

Although the article was a year ago, this information can serve as a call to parents to be more vigilant with their own children’s behavior and to watch out for signs of addiction. This is especially true as the next school year is just right around the corner.

How Can You Stop Teenage Meth Addiction?

Drug addiction, as well as alcoholism, has been a widespread problem in teens all over the world, both for those who are in school as well as for out-of-school youth. How do you turn this around?

For parents, this can be heartbreaking. For society and the government, this is as hard and alarming.

We have written an article on how to protect your child from addiction, as well as an article on how to deal with your troubled teen. You can also take a look at the tell-tale signs of addiction, so you can better anticipate any changes from your child, and seek help when necessary.

This said, one of the best ways to battle meth addiction, and any addiction for that matter, is to be adequately informed. This prevents you and the people around you to form damaging stereotypes, play the blame game, or to even be indifferent and look the other way. Addiction is a disease and it does not make anyone a bad person.

To further help you, your child, or anyone you know struggling with meth addiction, watch the video below by Meth Inside Out, a project that brings together expert researchers, treatment professionals, and filmmakers to produce an accurate, engaging, and effective series on meth addiction and recovery.

Meth, or shabu, addiction can cost more than what dependent and addicted people pay for a bag to smoke. It can ruin futures, families, and lives.

Act now.

If you, your child, spouse, sibling, or anyone you know is struggling with shabu addiction, let them seek help. We at Bridges of Hope has a team of rehabilitation experts, psychologists, and psychiatrists, to provide counseling and treatment in our therapeutic community setting. Text or call us:

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