Top 10 Reasons to Choose Bridges of Hope

When it comes to choosing the right place for you or your loved one’s recovery from drug, alcohol or behavioral addiction, it is important to find the facility that is right for you.

At Bridges of Hope, we are working towards making the right environment for sobriety and recovery.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose Bridges of Hope:

  1. Our goal is your recovery.

    Our dedicated staff, specialists, and experts are passionate and committed about helping our residents break free from the bonds of addiction and get on the path of life-long recovery. We have helped dozens of individuals and their families before, and our goal is to keep doing it in the many years ahead.

  2. We are family. 

    We treat our residents within our therapeutic community as a family, much like our own families at home. We understand what each member of our family is going through, and we tailor our program to meet the specific, unique needs of each one.

  3. Bridges of Hope is your home away from home.

    We believe in creating a comfortable and comforting environment with quality home-cooked meals, friendly and approachable staff, and overall homey atmosphere to help our residents heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. Even our alumni can return and spend time within our facilities if they are in need of a place to go to or to serve as their safe haven.

  4. We prioritize rehabilitation excellence. 

    We are licensed and accredited by the Department of Health and we continually strive to increase our knowledge and expertise as we regularly attend seminars and conventions to be updated with what is latest in our fields.

  5. Safe and medically supervised detox. 

    Our detoxification program is on-site, which means that our medical staff is there to monitor and support our residents during the process. We have a doctor and a team of nurses round-the-clock to ensure comfort and safety.

  6. We offer quality care at an affordable price. 

    Rehab and recovery is an important investment in your life as well as in your family’s life. We strive in maintaining quality care while providing affordable and reasonable prices with flexible payment options to help you get your loved ones the help that they need.

  7. Our personalized treatment program. 

    We embrace the therapeutic community approach to recovery hand in hand with 12-Steps program to help our residents become equipped with the necessary life skills for lasting sobriety.

  8. Continued care with our After-Care program. 

    Recovery doesn’t just end as soon as our residents finish the rehabilitation program. In fact, it is a life-long process. The instant our residents decide to join our program, they become part of our family and we ensure that they stay connected with us for stronger recovery even long after they complete the program.

  9. We keep the family involved. 

    Our residents’ families play a crucial role in their loved ones’ recovery. We work and regularly communicate with them about their loved ones’ progress and what they can do to further help their loved ones in recovery within the program and as they get reintegrated back to their respective families and to society.

  10. Our facilities are designed to promote therapeutic healing. 

    Recovering from addiction requires physical, mental, behavioral, and spiritual healing. Our holistic approach in our program ensures this. Our facilities are also strategically located to cater to everyone across the country.

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