Practicing Self-Care During Self-Quarantine Due to COVID-19



Practicing self-care during self-quarantine is a must for your health and well-being. It promotes a better quality of life even during this time.

Now, with the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping your self-care routine a big priority is a must. This is especially true if you are in self-quarantine. This means that for most people, this can be a challenge. Many of the cities and communities all over the world are taking drastic measures to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 infection.

self-quarantine during self-quarantine

You may probably be one of those who had to practice social distancing and had to go home to spend several weeks on self-quarantine. But what is it exactly?

What is a quarantine?

Being in quarantine doesn’t mean you’re infected. It is something you do even if you’re not infected so as to help slow down the spread of infection and flatten the curve.

When you’re practicing self-quarantine, you stay at home for extended periods of time. This is the next step in social distancing measures.

Meanwhile, when you’re in isolation, it means you are already infected and had to be secluded in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

Now, whether you find yourself in self-quarantine or in isolation, it’s important to take care of yourself not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

This can be harder for those with pre-existing medical condition or have mental health symptoms. It’s important to keep in touch with your health care provider at this time.

Practicing Self-Care While in Self-Quarantine

You may feel stressed, worried, afraid, and anxious around this time. After all, we’re dealing with something we’ve never encountered before. It is a pandemic and there still is no cure.

So what do you do?

  • Make time for what gives you joy. Whether it’s yoga, cooking, arts and crafts, sewing, drawing, or doing yoga, find whatever it is during self-quarantine that makes you happy. Doing something gives you a distraction and helps you from being idle. It may even give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment when the passing of the days seemsto look like a blur.
  • Optimize your immune system. Keep your body healthy to keep your immune system strong. Eat healthy meals, meditate, be more relaxed and mindful, and make sure to get supplements.
  • Beware of info overload. These days, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information that we see about the coronavirus. It can leave us feeling sick and even more paranoid than before. Make sure to give yourself breaks from social media or traditional media to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Know why you’re doing this. We all may have different perspectives and reasons. The bottom line is, we’re doing it to keep not just ourselves safe, but also other people.

Remember, this virus is “novel” meaning it’s new. We haven’t developed immunity yet and the human body hasn’t learned how to build defenses. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep yourself safe. Keep an eye out for symptoms from yourself or from those around you. If you or someone you know is feeling sick, experiencing fever, or having difficulty breathing, showing signs of respiratory illness or showing symptoms of coronavirus, seek help from your doctor.

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