Signs You’re Addicted to Drama in Your Life




Who would want discord and chaos in their lives? Can someone really be into stirring up conflict? What good can drama do?

These seem to be valid questions, indeed. But for some people, these statements are true. It is not as much their choosing as it is actually an inclination. In fact, there really is such a thing as being addicted to drama. 


Being addicted to drama causes people to seek a heightened sense of stress and anxiety in their lives. Let’s see if you, or someone you know, may actually be addicted to drama.

Signs You are Addicted to Drama

1. You get into relationships with people who you know are bad for your well-being and mental health. If you are a woman, you may be into the “bad boy” image or as a man, you may be into “gold-digger” or abusive types of women.

2. You have a superhero complex. You are gravitated towards people who you believe are damaged and you want to save or fix them.

3. You are attracted to controlling people, believing that they are just strong personalities when in fact they are just that–controlling.

4. You want things to go your way–or else you throw a tantrum or become passive-aggressive.

5. You are unable to handle stressful situations. You seek some form of escape when things become difficult, such as drinking alcohol, using drugs, gambling, self-injury or cutting, comfort eating, impulsive shopping, and many others.

6. You feel like a victim when things don’t go your way.

7. You feel compelled to let people know that you have things worse. It’s like a competition of who has the worse day or worse life–and you want to win.

8. You believe that life is unfair to you so you lash out at people and the world.

9. You love to gossip.

10. You have no filter when it comes to telling stories about other people and even about your life, even if it means breaching privacy and boundaries.

11. You exaggerate your problems.

12. You exaggerate your medical issues and make sure the whole world knows about it.

13. You don’t feel like yourself when you don’t talk about other people or complain about anything.

14. You feel like the world is so dull without drama.

15. When there’s “nothing going on” you feel compelled to look for problems in other people or complain about something.

16. Other people have called you a drama queen at some point.

All the above-mentioned are signs of excessive attention-seeking behavior which is linked to getting gratification in the brain similar to those provided by drugs or alcohol. These activities activate the same pathways in the brain that make substance addiction happen. Once you create drama, the same rewards circuitry is at work, and you get the same high off it.

Repeated patterns can cause you to become addicted to drama and thereby you compulsively create one when there’s none, resulting to a destructive pattern that hurts not only yourself, but also other people.

This kind of behavior can co-occur with other kinds of disorders, such as drug and alcohol abuse. If this is the case, call or text us at Bridges of Hope at 09175098826.

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