Sober is the New Sexy: Here’s Why

These days, sexy can mean so many different things. For some, sexy means being confident in your own skin. For others, sexy is about the curves, the six-pack, the toned muscles, the skimpy bikinis, or even the smarts. However, social media has redefined what it is to be sexy as every photo posted could probably be photoshopped, filtered, and packaged to garner more likes. It can be easy to lose perspective on what it is to really be sexy.

What you may not realize, however, is that sober people have many qualities that make them sexy–without the photoshop and filters. 


Sober people are sexy for so many reasons. Let’s count them down.

1. Sober makes you look good. For many people, being sexy means looking good and being attractive. When you’re not doing drugs or abstaining from alcohol, your skin becomes healthier, your eyes clearer, and you look and feel so much healthier.

2. You become more confident. People often turn to drugs and alcohol to make them feel good about themselves. They drink or take drugs in order to belong or not feel so out of place. When you do decide to become sober, you find that you don’t need these substances to serve as your crutches. You can hold your own beautifully. You learn more about yourself, without being clouded by these substances, and so you learn to love yourself more, and this translates to your confidence.

3. You exude strength. No one likes to be around negative, whiny people. When you’re always drinking or using drugs, chances are, you have many problems due to your habits. However, once you overcome these and your substance abuse problems, you become a stronger, wiser person, and people gravitate to this. You become the person people turn to for advice, and this is definitely sexy.

4. You are positive. People find bright, positive people attractive. So without drugs or alcohol and the problems that these bring, your life becomes lighter. You become more attuned to yourself and your life, and this also reflects on your face and the way you carry yourself.

5. You’re level-headed. Unlike others who are making an embarrassment out of themselves in parties or social gatherings, you are calm and even serene. You respond well to situations, even in whatever life hurls at you, generally speaking. There’s no drugs or alcohol to cloud your judgment or make you say or do stupid things that you may regret later on.

6. You’re on the right track. Alcohol and drugs can leave you sidetracked. Instead of pursuing your dreams, going after your passions, meeting like-minded people, you are drowning in problems that your substance abuse brings. Compared to those who are using drugs or alcohol, you are more on track with your goals, or at least not going down a dangerous, destructive path, which can be a major turn off for other people.

7. You’re stable and reliable. You show up on time or whenever and wherever you’re needed. You are responsible, and these days, this is sexier than anyone who don’t have their life together and is a mess. You have a better chance at succeeding in life or accomplishing your goals. By being sober, you’re not getting worse but have more chance at getting better and becoming the best version of yourself.

8. You can be the best you. Without drugs and alcohol affecting your brain and behavior, you are more clear-headed and healthy than before. You are not struggling with problems brought by or made worse by your substance abuse. You are in control of your mind and body, and can therefore put your best foot forward–which is always sexy and attractive.

If you’ve been sober for a long time now, be proud of yourself. However, if you’re struggling with substance abuse, help is here. Contact us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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