Social Media: Are You Overdoing It?




In light of the recently concluded campaign period and the unfolding election results, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media have been a-buzz non-stop with news, satire, memes, opinionated posts, and of course–bashing. Everyone’s even counting on their social media newsfeed to be abreast the latest election news. But is our social media usage taking over most of our lives? Let’s find out.


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Woman Crush Wednesday. Hash tag. Emojis, #ootd. Selfie.

Look back to year 2010 and these terms did not exist. Now, everyone’s probably been using these terms (and more) on a daily basis. Today, almost everyone checks their Facebook newsfeed and notifications on an hourly basis. People are always on Instagram or taking part in the latest trending topic on Twitter.

But are these enough to tell you that you, yourself, have a social media addiction?

Imagine having dinner with your friends. You are going over your day and catching up on the latest news. Soon after, a silence befalls your group as one grabs his phone and everyone else follows suit. This silence, which we could have enjoyed or filled with more conversation, is now part of the social dynamics as everyone is engrossed in his phone and starts scrolling. It’s like you and your friends are collectively in your individual bubbles.

And then, without skipping a beat, one of you makes a comment out of your newsfeed and everyone chips in his opinion. But, irrevocably, the moment is gone, as well as all the other countless moments when we disconnect from our immediate surroundings and get lost in our social media life.

We lost it. The connection that we once naturally cultivate over personal conversations and being present in each other’s lives is now translated to the connection churned out in each other’s newsfeeds.

While social media have many benefits as it truly connects people through technology, there’s a line to be drawn.

This election season, many decisions are made with the help of social media. On top of this, social media has greatly influenced people’s opinions of who to vote, as much as social media has influenced us on a constant basis, from what to think to what to wear and where to go for coffee. And goodness knows just what else it has broken as much as it has “connected”.

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