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Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult things a person may have to go through. Many people who seem to be well on their way to finally beating this disease may often end up relapsing and falling straight back into their old lifestyles. Relapse can be incredibly frustrating, disappointing, and sad for friends and family members who are also emotionally emotionally invested in the process to help their loved ones get their lives back on track.

Recovery Comes First

Recovery Comes First

For the recovering addict or a friend or family member of someone undergoing treatment, you can actually see when a relapse is in the horizon. An addict’s support group will make it easy for the addict to keep his sobriety in check when the people around him are aware of the signs to watch out for.

Here are some telltale signs:

  • Romanticizing or longing for the old days
  • Not doing what needs to be done to stay sober or abstinent
  • Starting to become arrogant and believing he is strong enough to use again without falling back into addiction
  • Starting to reconnect with negative friends
  • Going back to negative places where addicts converge, or where he usually goes to for his “fix”
  • Having mood swings or sudden changes in attitude
  • Sudden feelings of depression and loneliness
  • Starting to become anti-social
  • Constantly feeling extremely stressed out
  • Feeling constantly tense
  • Resenting those who are trying to help
  • Reappearing withdrawal symptoms
  • Starting to lose faith in his recovery program
  • Starting to move away or avoid people who helped him in his recovery

Relapse Quote

The truth is that relapses are common for people attempting to recover from drug or alcohol addictions. Just because you had a relapse doesn’t mean that you’re a hopeless case. One of the most important things for recovering addicts and those around them to realize is that presence of the warning signs listed above or even a full-blown relapse doesn’t equal failure.As long as he is willing to take on the road to recovery once again, there is still hope.

Recovery takes a lifetime. This is why Bridges the of Hope drug addiction treatment and recovery programs focus on making positive changes in a person’s life, to get that person away from their old habits, away from negative friends, and into a new happy and healthy outlook in life. However, when a person becomes defocused on achieving these positive goals and starts to come back to his old lifestyle, relapses do occur. Although relapse may be common, rarely does it occur without warning.

If you, a friend, or a family member is undergoing addiction or relapse, get help immediately. Connect with us or contact our recovery specialists at Bridges of Hope:

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We would be happy to assist you or your loved one towards recovery from the debilitating effects of addiction.

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