The Best Time is Now: Why You Should Seek Help Today



Many people can easily make plans because they can always count on tomorrow. It’s easy to procrastinate because on some levels, they can afford to take their time for granted. However, for someone suffering from substance dependency or behavioral addiction, there’s a chance that tomorrow, there will be no tomorrow.


Addicts live lives that dramatically spin out of control. Many aspects of their lives have gone downhill yet they would not admit to themselves, their friends or their family members that they have a problem. They will blindly continue on, trapped in a cycle that they themselves have not much control over. This cycle will continue until they flunk out from school, get into accidents, be fired from their jobs, lose their friends and family, or be imprisoned. It will not be until these incidents happen that they will find out that they have reached their “bottom”.

As painful and difficult as it may be, the truth is, there is not time like NOW to embrace change. Tomorrow may be too late. Once the so-called “bottom” is reached, many people may have been hurt, families torn apart, and even the addicts themselves have become fatally ill or hurt.

Hitting Bottom is a Myth

Contrary to popular belief, addicts can seek help anytime. They, and their families and friends, do not need to wait for that “bottom” because, really, there’s no telling what waits for them down there.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Addiction is a vicious cycle–and vicious, as many would tell you, is an understatement. No addict can get up one day, think he’s had enough, and just walk away from the addiction and never look back.

But it all has to start somewhere.

First, acknowledgement is key. A no-nonsense, no-excuses assessment of your life and your habits can be a great way to see just how far you are willing to take your addiction and make the people around you suffer (because they are suffering).

This is the time when you talk to someone, an interventionist, psychologist, or rehab specialist, about your treatment options.

Plant the Seed of Recovery

If you are a family member of the addict, then you may at times need to take the wheel and help spur your loved ones towards the path to a better life, a path to recovery.

No matter how powerful addiction is, do not give up. Getting help for him can plant a seed in his mind, a seed that may one day break the addiction cycle for good.

Recovery is possible and there is no better time than NOW.

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