The Real Cost of Addiction



Millions of Filipinos are addicted to some sort of substance or behavior, a great jump from no more than two decades ago. Ironically, many of them and their families would not resort to rehabilitation or treatment, saying that they cannot afford it.

How Much Time You Lose Out Of Your Life with Each Substance Use

How Much Time You Lose Out Of Your Life with Each Substance Use (c)

We cannot put a price tag on the real cost of addiction but when you think about the amount of money addicts spend on their drugs, on gambling, or other forms of addiction, there isn’t a lot of difference. In fact, addiction is not just an expensive habit–it is destructive, even fatal.

But for the sake or argument, let’s tally up the costs.

  • Substance or behavior addicts may be functional enough to have employment or a source of income, but there is the ever-looming risk of becoming unemployed or being terminated. These employees also have a high rate of tardiness and absenteeism and are less likely to be promoted.
  • Meanwhile, younger ones who go to school will less likely excel in school. They will either be kicked out or never pursue educational advancement, such as high school students not pursuing college. This then results to either being unemployed for years, or getting subpar wages doing odd jobs, with an unlikelihood of getting a steady job or a career.
  • Aside from education and employment problems, addiction can also take a toll on one’s health. Many of those who suffer from addiction will acquire physical or mental disorders–or even both. These incur medical bills and if they are not hospitalized due to a debilitating condition, they are also prone to illnesses and injuries that will cause more costs in the long run.
  • Others may also find themselves dealing with legal issues, such as estafa or theft. They may also be involved in brawls and assaults committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition, they may also get into accidents or other unlawful acts.

Hardest Thing

When one is addicted, there is also a high risk for losing money and ending up bankrupt. Addiction drains one’s finances, in one way or another due to costs to support the addiction, the health problems this entails, and even legal battles. with their condition, they are not the most responsible or reliable individuals and therefore, the financial burden eventually ends up on the shoulders of you, the family member or parent.

Therefore, when you add up all these factors, you will see that the cost of treatment or sending your loved one into rehab is not that high. Besides, the only cost that one should think about when dealing with addiction is the cost of your loved one’s life.

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