The Sex Addiction Taboo: When Does Sex Become an Addiction



sex addiction taboo

Sex Addiction is something we don’t always talk about. Anything concerning sex is considered as taboo, and addiction as well is wrought with stigma. Together, sex addiction is a topic that many may steer away from or not fully understand.

sex addiction taboo

The Thing With Sex

Sex is prevalent not only in international media but also locally as well. From sex-hyped television ads, to songs, to magazines. Sex is everywhere, even in our predominantly Catholic and conservative culture. This is no wonder that many of our citizens are diagnosed as being clinically sex addicts. However, not much has been covered about this topic, and is even a highly taboo type of addiction in our country.

Sex Addiction  Source: (c)thewellnessdirectory

Sex Addiction
Source: (c)thewellnessdirectory

So What is Sexual Addiction?

According to psychologists, sex addiction is different from substance addiction in the sense that there is not official diagnosis for it. Instead, they try to define this disorder according to substance addiction. The symptoms include:

  • Engaging in frequent and excessive sex and sexual activities
  • Engaging in more sexual partners than intended
  • Persistently craving sex
  • Using sex to cope with the daily demands of life
  • Wanting to limit sexual activity but finding efforts to do so unsuccessful
  • Always being preoccupied with thoughts about sex at the expense of responsibilities, social life, and even health
  • Spending more time in sexual activities, or going through activities that would end up in sex, such as cruising for partners or watching pornography
  • Neglecting responsibilities and commitments in pursuit of sex, resulting in negative impacts at work, broken relationships, or even health risks
  • Ever-increasing desire, frequency or scope of sex to achieve the satisfaction, such as more time watching pornography, more sex partners, or more visit to prostitutes
  • Being irritable when unable to engage in the desired behavior or in sexual activities

The Making of a Sex Addict

The Making of a Sex Addict

People who have a problem with sex addiction may identify with three or more of the criteria in the above list. Much like substance addicts, sex addicts also create their world around a bubble, where sex is the center of their activities and interactions.

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