Warning Signs of Suicidal Tendencies in an Addict




Those who have addictions, whether substance, alcohol or behavioral, are at an increased risk for developing suicidal tendencies. In fact, news reports around the world are peppered with people as well as celebrities who take their own life on a suicidal moment after struggling with drugs or alcohol.

Substance abuse and mental health disorders such as depression often co-occur. Both can increase the risk for developing suicidal tendencies. In fact, many celebrities and even regular people have died due to suicide after years of suffering from both addiction and mental disorders.


The Double Threat: Addiction and Suicidal Tendencies

Drugs and alcohol are mood- and mind-altering substances. Becoming addicted to them can cause changes in your brain as well as in your behavior and decision-making capabilities. These can lead a person to develop suicidal tendencies and even carry out these tendencies.

Here are warning signs if someone has suicidal tendencies or are even actively contemplating suicide.

Suicidal Tendencies: Signs to Look Out For in an Addict

Being aware of these signs could save your addicted loved one’s life.

  1. They are talking about suicide. It is not true that people who talk about suicide are not serious about committing it.
  2. Watch our for signs of hopelessness. This is when they don’t see a way out of their situation and believe that nothing will change.
  3. They will be solitary or will want to be left alone and isolated.
  4. They “hate” themselves. Watch out for verbal and non-verbal expressions of self-loathing.
  5. They are looking for items that they could use for committing suicide. These could be firearms, pills, knives, or ropes.
  6. They may start saying goodbye. They may want to get their affairs in order before they leave the world, so this is a genuine sign to look out for. They may prepare their will, give away their things, make amends with people, or start bidding them bye.
  7. Relapsing. For those who are recovering, going back to substance or alcohol abuse is a sign to look out for, as they may be self-destructive.

Be aware of these behaviors and don’t hesitate to act immediately if someone you know exhibits these signs. Call us at Bridges of Hope at 09175098826 to find out drug addiction with co-occurring disorder treatment options, especially for those with suicidal tendencies.



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