What is Therapeutic Community



Those who from addiction, or have family members suffer from this disease, see rehabilitation as an option for sobriety and recovery. However, there is more to rehabilitation than what is seen–or even glamorized–in the movies. For us at Bridges of Hope, we treat addiction through a method called Therapeutic Community.

The TC Philosophy

Therapeutic Community is a drug-free self-help program primarily aimed at encouraging sobriety and abstaining from substance abuse behaviors through a highly structured community that promotes personal growth. We use this methodology to help change members’ attitudes, behaviors, values, and life-cycles, which are essential for fostering full recovery. We believe that building therapeutic communities to combat substance and alcohol addictions.

Within this community, all members, or residents, are considered equal in their struggles to change their lives for the better. Even if members have no formal authority over one another, senor members have considerable authority in terms of informal leadership roles. First and foremost, they much lead by example and serve as big brothers and sisters that watches over the rest of the members in the community. They teach and demonstrate positive behaviors and attitudes. Examples of these are done through encouragement, reaching out, and “pulling in” junior members when necessary.

Unwritten Philosophies

Meanwhile, junior members are primarily in learning roles, with less demand placed on them towards leadership roles. As these residents progress through their individual programs, they take on more and more responsibilities that can be applied with the community and extend towards their everyday lives outside the community. Through this method, the residents’ attitudes, behaviors and dispositions change. They learn more things about responsibility, accountability, and self-worth, until they are ready to graduate.

Our Therapeutic Community methodology teaches all residents to leave live in a healthy and positive light. A microcosm of how life is after they are reintegrated into society and in their families once again, our community at Bridges of Hope will reflect real-life settings to equip them with real and practical tools for life in recovery.

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