What Kind of [April] Fool I Am



April’s here and instead of going with the norm and playing pranks on everybody, we decided to let everyone have his laugh and share this quote instead:

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction. –Albert Einstein


What I like about this quote is that it applies to almost any situation in life, and most especially in addiction and recovery.

It takes a lot to go against the cravings, the impulsions, and even the easy denial and defensive reactions we are used to throwing around to minimize our drug use and make ourselves feel better about what we’re doing.

Even stopping to think–any thought is okay, as long as you stop and think even just for a while, second-guess what you’re about to do–it takes a lot of courage. And if that’s not a feat within itself, having the courage to walk away is so much more difficult.

After all, the wrong choices are so much easier to make. Why? Because they at first appear appealing, they go with what we want at the moment, and thinking about the future leaves us with a lot of worries we just cannot handle.

And this is why we become willing fools for our addiction. It’s easier that way.

Here’s A Thought: Love Is Like Drugs

If you’ve ever been in love, then you know how being in love feels much like being addicted to drugs.

When you are in love, you only see one person, that apple of your eye. And when you fall in love with drugs, you will soon begin to love nothing else but drugs, leaving no room to receive and give love yourself.

Like a love-struck romantic in the novels thinking about nothing but the person they are in love with, you will find yourself daydreaming about the next time you will use. And the desire to be with what you love–in this case, drugs–will be strong. You will make excuses to be with the one you love, you will leave work early, or skip school, just so you and your love will be together again.

Once the love of your life, the drug-induced “high”, leaves you, you are left like a hollow shell. You feel empty and you think about using more and doing it more often, never really parting with your love because you feel committed to it. But the commitment is actually the addiction holding you in a vicegrip.

The Biggest Foolishness

You can go on through your life never realizing the wrong of your ways. You can go on for the rest of your life not stopping long enough to think just what kind of fool you have become. And once you realize your foolishness, you may find yourself ready to turn it all around.

There is no bigger fool than someone who believes his own lies. When you’re addicted, you tell people lies just to protect the world you have created for yourself, just so you can continue using without thinking about the consequences. Lying is second nature to an addict. Eventually, you will start to believe the lies you tell other people. Once you realize this, then there is still hope.

The only thing that addicts love and value is something that destroys them. And if they think that something good will ever come from drugs, then they are fools.

So if you think you’re not a fool, then leave the drugs behind.

April Fools’ has come and gone but it’s never too late to stop being fooled by drugs.

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