World’s 10 Most Dangerous Street Drugs

Unlike other narcotics that have psychoactive effects and increased risks for addiction, these dangerous street drugs have effects that are straight out of some horror movie.

Obviously, illicit drugs are dangerous. There’s the risk of addiction, coupled with a wide range of negative short and long term effects. However, many people around the world are also addicted to what you can consider as the world’s most dangerous drugs because they have imminent and even instant effects that are truly sinister.


What’s even scarier is these drugs are widely and easily available on the street.

World’s 10 Most Dangerous Street Drugs

10. Purple Drank. This was popular in the 1990s’ hiphop scenes, with rappers like Big Moe and JayZ mentioning this drug in their songs. Purple Drank is made up of soda water, cold medicine, and sweets. However, it’s no Kool Aid, as it  gives users a woozy feeling due to its high codeine content, and can potentially cause breathing and heart problems.

9. Scopolamine. This drug comes from a nightshade plant common in certain areas in South America such as Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. The plant extract can be processed and refined in powder form, or can be dried to be used like tea. It’s commonly used by criminals as poison. The powder can also be blown into the face of unsuspecting victims, and once under the influence of the drug, they won’t be able to form memories, may experience hallucinations, and may lose their self-control. Gangs use the drug to steal from their victims.

8. Heroin. One of the world’s oldest drugs, heroin was first used to treat chronic pain and physical trauma. However, its wide abuse caused it to be declared illegal in many countries. Its side effects include cold sweats, muscular weakness, insomnia, bleeding and swollen gums, and weakened immune system. Users can also easily overdose from the drug.

7. Crack cocaine. It’s one of the widely abused drugs all over the world. Its side effects include liver, lung, and kidney damage, blood vessel damage, as well as heart attack, stroke, and death.

6. Crystal meth. It’s one of the world’s most widely used and highly destructive drugs because of the euphoria it brings to users. However, once the effects are gone and the crash begins, users will want to have it again, making addiction highly probably. Effects include psychosis, brain damage, blood vessel damage, stroke, and heart problems.

5. AH-7921. This is a synthetic opioid that was once legally sold online until 2015, when it was declared illegal. It is 80% more potent than morphine and can cause gangrene and respiratory arrest.

4. Flakka. It is a stimulant similar to batch salts. It was used to be marketed as an alternative to ecstasy, but the effects are different. Flakka can cause elevated heart rate, enhanced emotions, and strong hallucinations, which can cause people to be violent. It can also cause heart failure in unchecked doses.

3. Bath salts. While it sounds like a household name, its effects are horrendous as users become “zombified.” It used to be sold online under the guise of bath salts, and many news outlets in the US have shown people who have used the drug. It causes unusual psychiatric behavior, psychosis, panic attacks, sudden violence, elevated body temperature, and increased risk for heart attack.

2. Whoonga. This is a combination of many antiretroviral drugs that are used to treat HIV, as well as cutting agents such as detergents, solvents, and pest poison. It’s widely available in South Africa and can cause internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, and death.

1. Krokodil. A drug widely abused in Russia, this cheap and highly dangerous street drugs is their substitute to heroin. Krokodil is usually homemade and includes all sorts of ingredients, such as painkillers, lighter fluid, iodine, industrial cleansers, and paint thinner. This drug can cause your skin to rot from the outside in.

While these are highly dangerous street drugs, it doesn’t mean that you should slack off from getting the help you need with your own addictions. If you are addicted to marijuana, meth, alcohol, and other drugs, seek help TODAY. Contact Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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