5 Sobering Reminders When You Crave Alcohol



Here are some sobering things to think about when you are starting to crave alcohol. It’s important to reframe how we perceive alcohol and face the fact that we can still have fun while sober.

Thinking About Drinking?

If you’re a recovering alcoholic or trying to curb your drinking or minimize how you crave alcohol, it’s important to reframe how you perceive it. Many people glamorize and romanticize alcohol. Media and movies are the same. And for some, they have misconceptions about addiction and drinking that doesn’t help at all. They may even be dangerous for those who have drinking problems or are recovering.

Changing the way you think about alcohol is a powerful way to help you when you crave alcohol. The following things are an effective reminder that drinking isn’t exactly how it is shown in the beer, wine, and liquor ads.

Sobering Thoughts When You Crave Alcohol

  • You don’t need to have alcohol to have fun. There are many things that you can do drunk that you can do even now that you’re sober. Things can still be fun. The only difference is, you won’t have a drink in your hand and you won’t have a hangover the next morning. Who says dulling our senses and reflexes is that fun anyway? You can be more present in the moments that really matter when you’re sober. Remember that.
  • Alcohol is simply bad for your health. Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, makes up alcoholic beverages. It is a psychoactive drug. In fact, people use it as an antiseptic and a solvent. Come to think of it, the alcohol we use to sanitize our hands is almost the same as the alcohol we drink. Except we consume it in smaller doses. Furthermore, it’s also a known carcinogen. Think about that.
  • Drinking isn’t really as good as you think it is. Our spirit-soaked society makes us believing that magical and fun memorable experiences can happen only when we have a few drinks—or a dozen. The reality is, all this drinking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Alcohol and drinking gives us nothing that we can’t have when we’re sober.
  • “Play the tape forward” or watch until the end. Think about it this way. If you drink now, you may end up drinking more. And if you only drink one now, who knows how soon you will go back to drinking again. And then drinking more? This is what you should do. Think about what will happen if you give in to that craving. Follow that thought through to the end. This will give you a more realistic take on the consequences of letting your guard down.
  • Building sober memories are better. As you experience more of life sober, you can see that you have a better appreciation of the people, things, and events around you. This is because your mind is clear and you can remember what happened the following day. You can be more present and you’ll enjoy every minute of your sobriety even more.

You Can Live Without Alcohol

It may be hard at first, but choosing to say “No!” when you crave alcohol is a powerful thing.

Whether you’re in recovery who have to struggle when you start to crave alcohol or are trying to cut down, it’s best to seek help. Talk to us today: 09175098826.

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