5 Things To Be Thankful For This Year



The new year brings in much anticipation and hope for everyone. It is the time of year when people usually take the first steps to making their new year resolutions come true. In the same vein as being hopeful, we should also continue to be still thankful.

Welcome 2015 in Sobriety

For recovering addicts, the new year may bring in excitement as they detach themselves from the year that has passed and look forward for the blessings that the new year will bring them. In fact, there is so much that they should feel positive and grateful about in their lives. Focusing on these good vibes will help them to continue to walk the road to recovery and sobriety.

  • Be thankful for friends and family and friends

As you undergo treatment, your family are the ones that are there for you all the way. They show you their support, care and love. In this road of addiction and recovery, people in your life will come and go but family will never leave your side. They are there to stand by through the storm. Now that the clouds are clearing up and sunshine is breaking through to brighten up your life, you can find yourself spending better days with them once again.

There may still some trials that you have to go through with your family, or there may still be issues to work through with some of them, but you can still be grateful to have them in your life to share more new memories with as you rebuild your life in sobriety and recovery.

  • Be thankful for clarity

After undergoing detoxification and rehabilitation, your mind is cleared up from substances that once muddled it. In fact, you may even feel like your mind–and your body–has been reset. You are seeing things more clearly now, literally and figuratively. Your thoughts and emotions are not clouded by substances. You have the tools to better deal with the demands of work, family, social relationships, and all your responsibilities. You have a chance at cultivating a better outlook and, ultimately, a better life.

  • Be thankful for a chance to be at the peak of health

When you were addicted to alcohol and substances, you may not be feeling it but your mind and body are in a downward spiral. As you embrace sobriety, you now hold in your hands your health. You now have eliminated or are slowly easing up the chemicals that have caused havoc inside your body, and can better take care of your hygiene and physical health. You are eating well, sleeping more soundly, and are living a less stressful life. You may have learned some exercise routines and other fitness programs while in treatment and you can keep this up. You are soon discovering that looking after yourself is an achievement and a self-fulfillment within itself–and that it feels good!

  • Be thankful for new discoveries and passions

Life in the shackles of addiction exposes you to nothing but everything that has to do with it. Back then, you don’t have hobbies and interests, and it seemed that your passions–and your resources–revolved around drugs and/ or alcohol. Now you’re rediscovering the things that you used to love. You are also discovering more things to be passionate about. You are starting to enjoy new hobbies and activities. Even more–you have met new friends who help you stick to the sober life.

  • Be thankful for hope–and life

Being in recovery doesn’t mean that you are cured of your addiction and that life will be smooth-sailing from now on. There will still be struggles. However, now that you have moved into recovery, you now have a chance. You have hope. You have a future. And everyday opens up more and brighter possibilities for you that will never have existed when you were actively using. Now you can be in control of your life, make plans, and make them come true.

Happy New Year!

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