About Us

We Are Bridges of Hope About Us

At Bridges of Hope, one thing has always been clear over our many years of providing treatment for drug, alcohol, gambling, and behavioral addictions:

Everyone is different.

People have different needs, attitudes, motivations, experiences, and journeys. Our program is designed to achieve positive results with program steps and procedures tailored to every individual. These are backed by the expertise, experience, and strength of an organization dedicated to nurturing and guiding each client on their journey to recovery and to a better life.

Using the Eclectic Therapeutic Community approach to deliver a comprehensive treatment program, we are committed to create the right environment for people to not just combat addiction but to get to the root causes of it–their acquired behaviors, distorted pattern of thinking, and ways of dealing with life.

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Healing with Hope

"Here at Bridges of Hope, we understand the immense struggle associated with substance abuse and how difficult it is to seek help. This is why we are reaching out to families and individuals all over the country--to make high-quality, professional, and private addiction treatment accessible for everyone.

So for those who are seeking freedom from the downward spiral of addiction, your journey starts here with us at Bridges of Hope."

~ Jon Ty, Chairman & CEO

Our Mission

The development and pioneering of therapeutic disciplines involving the study and practice of eastern and western approaches to recovery science among frontline rehabilitation care professionals will continue to be advocated.
This is aimed to provide a holistic service level enough to achieve satisfaction among families and individuals debilitated by substance and behavioral dysfunctions present in our environment today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the center of choice for whole families struggling with individuals in need of complete assistance in the treatment of various substance use and behavioral disorders.
In such a center of choice, we envision an international clinical standard simultaneously sporting the best amenities ad studied approaches in providing the most effective refuge from addiction possible.

Committed to Providing the Best Addiction Treatment

Our Commitment

At Bridges of Hope, we are committed to your life-long recovery. We provide personalized treatment plans as we work closely with your family. We ensure you complete our program and come out with a robust support group that helps sustain your recovery for the long-term.

Our Objectives

In keeping with the existing vision the Center aims to maintain a competent pool of experienced staff and volunteers willing to grow and practice unconditional service and good role-model ship for their clientele.


The Center aims to provide a holistic approach in addressing quantitative behaviorally challenged and substance abuse patients without compromising the quality of its program.


The Center aims to maintain practicality of the program package and service with the economy of its clientele in mind so that by principle it may also sustain its combative views to contribute versus the substance abuse menace in society at present.


The Center would like to provide a refuge for those seeking a long-term aftercare program that may accommodate lasting support group relationships capable of identifying relapse traps and providing moral and therapeutic support where it is needed whether it be during crisis or celebrative moments.


The Center would like to keep in its sights and traditions the belief in God as the essence and center of its multi-modal approach to recovery without which none of its programs whether they be that of the Therapeutic Community standard or that of the twelve steps will remain effective and true to its objective and purpose.

Who We Are

Our program and clinical staff are completely invested in making a positive change in the lives of our clients. With various areas of expertise that are relevant in the rehabilitation and recovery of our clients, our team closely works with you and your family to create a treatment plan that is specially designed for each of our clients.
Our goal is to professionally and compassionately guide our clients through every phase of their recovery, from Day One and until they return to their lives as healthy, recovering, reinvigorated, and motivated individuals.

We are highly experienced

We have international credentials

We truly care

History of Bridges of Hope

We trace our roots to a gathering of recovering individuals back in January of 2012.
Bridges of Hope progressed from its initial stages of sole proprietorship and formulation with the leadership of Mr. Robert R. Ty  who onboarded on January of 2014 and continued with new capital and a fresh perspective on management as he involved the Center’s directors and staff in its mission and vision.
The original Bridges of Hope Center is now survived under the same flagship name of Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc.
Today, it is headed by its President, Mr. Florencio C. Bernabe III, along with its Executive Director Robert R. Ty and his wife, Administrative Directress Mary Catherine H. Ty.
This dynamic triumvirate of people incorporates sound and honest administrative practices alongside a practical but quality-filled approach for residents and families seeking help against substance abuse.
The result is an efficient and economically attainable therapeutic program for families wishing to have their loved ones grasp a better future, simultaneously winning the battle against different kinds of addictions–all within a private and secure environment.