Are You Ready for Change?



For someone battling with drug addiction, staying sober is almost impossible. However, recovery and change is NEVER impossible. The road to sobriety may be filled with difficulty for someone so used to an addict’s lifestyle but by first acknowledging your addiction and thinking about the need to turn your life around, that in itself, is a step towards the right path…and towards life.

Set Yourself Free and Make a Change

Decide to change

As with any other undertaking, the first step is always the hardest part. Similarly, change is difficult. That is why most people give up on it altogether, even before taking the first step. However, giving up drugs and realizing how it causes problems in many, if not all, aspects in your life is a necessary part of change.

You have to understand that it is normal to feel apprehension, fear, or hesitation to change you life but you have to create a commitment to sobriety and to yourself, starting from the little choices you make in your life, such as the way you deal with negativity and stress, as well as the demands of responsibilities. You also have more than ever carefully choose who you associate yourself with, as well as what you do in your free time. Another important thing for you to also consider is your disposition in life.

But are you really ready for change?

Hesitations are a normal part of the process. Recovery does not happen overnight. Recovering from drug addiction takes a lot of commitment, motivation, time, and support.

Set Yourself Free from Addiction

Set Yourself Free from Addiction

To help you stick to your recovery plan, so to speak, consider the following things:

  • Stand back and assess your drug use objectively. Keep track of your drug use, including your triggers for using. Also keep tabs of when and how much you use and it may even surprise you how  much drug addiction has taken over your life.
  • If you can, keep a journal of your drug use to assess how much it will benefit you to quit, as well as the cost, consequences, and dangers of keeping your addiction.
  • Consider how drug use will affect the things that are important to you, such as your family, spouse or partner, kids, job or career, your health, and other things you value.
  • Give yourself some perspective and analyze what keeps you from taking that first step, or hesitating to continue with your recovery.
  • Talk to someone honestly about what you feel about your own drug use.

Family and close friends are great support systems that you can reach out to for help. You can also call our hotline at 622-0193 or text 0915-645-2703 or 0917-509-8826 to talk to a recovery specialist.




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