Attitude of Gratitude: Why It’s Important in Addiction Recovery



It may sound cliché, but “Count your blessings” is truly an important mantra in life. People who are grateful for even the simplest things they have in life tend to have more happiness and peace of mind. When they are constantly looking at what they lack in life, or that they don’t have this or that in life, then it will be very difficult for them to find satisfaction and peace of mind.


In fact, being happy is not about what you have or don’t have. It is really about gratitude. Having an attitude of gratitude is important to stay positive in the changing fortunes of life, and the same can be said especially for people who are in recovery.

What is Gratitude

Gratitude is acknowledging the benefits of what one has. People can be grateful for something that they have or something that has happened to them. They can also have a general attitude of gratitude which allows them to not only be content but to also be happy with their life.

When you have gratitude, you look at life in a more positive way. This in turn helps improve your mood, your confidence, and your energy. When you have an attitude of gratitude, it is easy to be positive, and you are also able to give off positivity to circumstances and other people.

Gratitude in Recovery

If you are in recovery, having gratitude allows you to experience joy in your life and be thankful for what you have, big or small. Gratitude helps you feel good about your circumstance and yourself, therefore allowing you to better combat the temptations to relapse.

Here’s why gratitude is important in recovery:

  • Grateful people have a positive and bright disposition that people will gravitate towards. No one wants to be around someone who is always whining and being around a positive person can be rejuvenating and can even make other people feel better about their life as well.
  • People with this attitude of gratitude will be less stressed about the things that are happening around them. Stress can lead to relapse and other physical and mental problems so avoiding stress by staying positive in your life is important.
  • These types of people also tend to have less conflict with others. They tend to be more sincere and patient with dealing with others so they attract more friends in their lives.
  • When people are happy and contented with your life, there is less reason for them to be selfish. Selfishness something that many addicts have because they are thinking only about their own needs and wants. When they feel like they are satisfied with their lives, the focus detaches from the self and they can give their attention to other people’s needs.
  • Recovery comes with its own share of challenges and people who have a better disposition in life have a better chance of overcoming these.

Learning to be grateful requires an honest look at one’s self. It also requires regular practice. Many people would suggest keeping a gratitude journal and update it everyday with what you are grateful for.

Like a flower, gratitude makes your life more beautiful and positive. Like a flower, gratitude needs to be cultivated as well.

If you are in recovery and are having a hard time staying positive and grateful, try keeping a gratitude journal, or enumerating the things you are thankful for as part of your morning ritual.

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