Being Sober isn’t a Bore: Why It’s Actually the Best



Being sober is not an easy decision for anyone who have lived a certain lifestyle with alcohol and drugs or other substances. However, many people opt for sobriety for many reasons, some of which are for health and wellness. For many who have crossed over to sobriety, they have found that having a clear mind and a lifestyle not shackled by various mind-altering substances are actually liberating. Being sober frees them so that they can pursue the life they’ve always wanted.

Of course, there are still those who are not sold on the idea. For many people, being sober means generally giving up something. This “something” may be partying, living on the edge, experiencing excitement, and basically doing something fun. As if being sober is automatically equated to a boring, predictable life. But as many sober people can attest, especially those who underwent treatment and are in recovery, being sober gives them more room to be healthy, have more energy, and get motivated.

So let’s take a look why being sober is not actually boring. In fact, choosing a sober lifestyle may just be the best choice you can ever make.

Why Being Sober is the Best

  • You’re actually at your best. When you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sure you may feel more confident and uninhibited. However, for how long is the question. You take them and wonder when you can get your hands on them again. The constant nagging is there, and it leaves you dependent, unable to function well without being under the influence. In fact, these substances change your brain chemistry to the point that you can’t feel and be your best without them.
  • You have less to worry about. The constant search of getting high or getting drunk can take you to places that get you in trouble. You would be lying, hiding, and betraying the people close to you and those who love you. You may find yourself involved in dealing that you never thought you’d be in. You will find trouble at work or in school, and in your relationships. Being sober allows you to make the right choices for your life, giving your best for your life and the people around you.
  • You’re in control. When you’re addicted, the drugs rule you. They dictate what you should do. When you’re sober, you’re in control. You get to decide what to do with your life without the fear and worry of doing something you may regret or never get to undo. Your idea of fun now reflects what you really want, and the people who are willing to do these with you are those that matter most.
  • You’re healthy. One of the greatest things about being sober is that you’re taking back your health. Using drugs and alcohol can leave you at a higher risk for developing a wide range of diseases. And even if yo feel healthy, using of drinking makes you constantly feeling hung over, restless, and sick.
  • You’re being brave. In a world where celebration and sorrow are both commemorated with alcohol, and wherein people around you would be pushing you to numb the pain you feel with different drugs, turning your back on these is actually brave. If you’ve been living with addiction, finally deciding to turn your back from these can be initially terrifying. But once you come through to the other side, you’re filled with pride that you made it and are all the better for it.
  • You’re more financially secure. Addiction doesn’t just zap your health, it also takes a toll on your pocket. Your time, effort, and resources are all directed towards getting high. Then there comes the perils you encounter at work, which leaves you jobless. On top of that, the diseases you may have while doing drugs or drinking alcohol. There’s always trouble and money-draining issues at the wake of your substance abuse. Being sober takes that away from you. Instead, you have better energy and a clearer mind to pursue your financial goals and achieve abundance.
  • You have more peace of mind. Being sober allows you to take a look at the world at a clearer, brighter, and more hopeful light. It makes you braver to take on the world and challenges that come along with them. In return, you have more fortitude. You are able to repair and strengthen your relationships, and allow yourself to be surrounded by people who truly want what’s best for you. You have the strength within yourself and the support of people around you—and these can give you the best feelings of peace and fulfillment that no drug can ever give.

A life of addiction can be full of unknowns and it can also be full of demons. It may be exciting at first, but sooner or later, you’re bound to face the consequences of your actions. When you choose a life where you’re being sober, you open yourself up to a world of opportunities and more hope. You are free and at peace.

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