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Bridges of Hope graces the television screen once again in a timely news program aired on TV5. In line with the President Rodrigo Duterte’s fight against drugs, the spotlight is now on the growing drug problem in the Philippines. This is what BH Program Director Gimo Gomez tackles as he guests on a segment at TV5 The Evening News titled Duty, Devotion, and Service.


Sitting with Lourd de Veyra, RA Rivera, Jun Sabayton, and Ramon Bautista, Gomez was interviewed by the four about drug rehabilitation and what he does as a Program Director. Gomez also talked about addiction and how some people suddenly die due to drugs. According to Gomez, there are only three paths that people go to once they get into addiction: jail, death, institution. Many people who succumb to drugs either get jailed for committing drug-related crimes or acts of violence due to drugs. Some also fall extremely ill due to long-term abuse, while there are those who abruptly die due to overdose. Lastly, other people get institutionalized, either in endless stays in drug rehab facilities, or in mental institutions due to the damage the drug has done to their brains.

According to Gimo, addiction has one common denominator: loneliness. People often turn to drugs due to the problems in their lives, problems which they have a hard time coping with. They turn to drugs as an easy escape. Another factor in the mix is the environment. People who are surrounded by others who use drugs are also often more prone to use drugs.

However, as the Program Director said, there is hope through treatment. He furthers that a recovering addict is like a table–he needs four legs in order for him to survive:

  1. Responsible and mature self-love
  2. Love of family with support and proper communication
  3. Support group and friends with positive influence
  4. Belief in a higher power. 

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