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are you a gambling addict
video games addictive

What Makes Video Games Addictive?

Video games are not really addictive in the clinical sense of the word. However, they are designed so that gamers […]
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loving an addict

10 Tips for Loving Someone with Addiction

Loving someone with addiction entails a different kind of investment, of commitment, as this can be challenging. As someone who loves an addict, you may find yourself at odds with what you want for them and what you find yourself doing for them, among a plethora of other things.
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Am I Being Manipulated by an Addict?

Do you feel that you are being manipulated by an addict in your life? Read on to find out more […]
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7 TED Talks About Addiction Worth Watching Now

Despite of the many advances we have about addiction research, recovery, and treatments, there are still stigma around addiction. Many […]
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