The Dangers of Misusing Prescription Drugs



dangers misusing prescription drugs

Have you taken more medicine than your doctor’s prescribed dosage? Have you asked for your friend’s painkiller prescription medicine to help with your own pain? Or perhaps you have asked for your colleague’s stimulant prescription to help you work better?

Whatever your reasons or methods are, the bottom line is this: misusing prescription drugs can pose dangers.

dangers misusing prescription drugs

How Are You Misusing Prescription Drugs?

Maybe you are taking more pills than your doctor told you to. Or maybe you’re not following the instructions on how to take your medication? Maybe you even drink alcohol with your medicine when your doctor specifically told you not to? Or do you abruptly stop your medication earlier than prescribed? The thing is, you are not alone in this. There are many people who misuse their prescription drugs in one way or another. Still, the fact remains–doing this can have dangerous consequences.

Let’s take a look why misusing prescription drugs is dangerous.

Why Misusing Prescription Drugs is Dangerous

1. Health problems. This first one is obvious. Various drugs have various effects and contra-indications. There are some prescription drugs that should not be taken with alcohol as well as with other medication. These can cause changes to your body as well as to your behavior, which can be dangerous in the short-term or in the long run. There may also be other drugs that can cause immediate dangers–even fatalities. Some drugs, when misused, may cause tremors, heart palpitations, dizziness, abnormally high body temperature, slowed breathing, coma, or even death.

2. Accidents. Some drugs have effects that can leave you dizzy, weak, sleepy, and simply unable to operate vehicles or machinery. Some may even leave you with impaired vision or inability to judge distances or even make sound decisions, depending on the drug, how you took it, what your condition is, and if there are contraindications. This is why it’s important to avoid misusing prescription drugs and to take them the way they should be taken. It’s also best to talk thoroughly with your physician before getting on a new medication to make sure that there are no counter-indications or side effects.

3. Legal troubles. Using prescription drugs that aren’t for you is illegal. Being dependent or even addicted to such drugs may also make you more likely to commit crimes that can face fines and jail time.

4. Addiction. This is a big risk as well when it comes to misusing prescription drugs. Usually, certain drugs are regulated because they can be addictive, if not outright dangerous when misused. Often, you may find yourself addicted to the drug when any effort to cut down turns out to be futile You may also continue seeking the drug despite negative consequences. You may find out more about the signs of addiction here.

Do you know anyone who is misusing their prescription drugs? Perhaps they may be addicted to the drug and need professional help. If that’s the case, you may contact us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826


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