Dating in Recovery? Is it Really Possible?



It has always been good practice to prioritize yourself during your recovery. In fact, many would say that recovery is selfish. After all, the first thing you put above your recovery is the second thing you lose, just after your sobriety.


Although it is not recommended to date early in the recovery process, you can follow the tips below to date smarter while staying safe and sober.

  1. Be transparent about your recovery.  Letting other people you regularly interact with know about your recovery or the boundaries you have set for your self can help them help you steer clear of high-risk or tempting situations.
  2. Make your recovery a priority. Even if you are dating, do not change your routine. Especially in the first year, you need to still attend regular meetings and be in touch with your support groups.
  3. Do not compromise your sobriety over dating. Be careful to choose the people you go out with. It is not worth getting into relationships where you are more likely to go back to your addiction.
  4. Don’t replace one addiction with another. People who are in recovery are more prone to addictive behavior so you have to watch out. Being obsessed with love or a person, or even being addicted to sex, is still unhealthy and should not replace your substance addiction.
  5. See the big picture. Rushing into a relationship or even going back to your old mental and emotional place because of your new partner can likely lead to disaster. Keep sight on the big picture and stick with your long-term plan. Things will always have a way of turning out for the best once you persist on doing the right thing.

Who says life in recovery is easy? But it is better than life in addiction. If the going gets tough, give us a call and we’ll be there to help you:
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