Enabling Addiction: Are You Loving an Addict to Death?



Addiction is a disease, this we know. How are you enabling addiction in your loved one’s life.

Apparently, with millions of people all over the world affected by or are struggling with addiction, it appears to be an epidemic.

Addiction is a kind of disease that not only destroys the lives of the addict but also of those around them.

If you are a loved one or a family member of an addict, then you know this all too well. Perhaps, you struggle with a mix of different feelings: hopelessness, dismay, embarrassment, loneliness, anger, and many other things. You may even blame yourself. Like others, you would try to help them, do everything to keep them from harms way.

However, is helping them really “helping” them? Find out how you may be loving and supporting an addict to death by enabling.

Enabling Addiction

  • Giving an addict money. The addict would do anything to feed their addiction. They would hurt, betray, lie, and steal. They would do anything so you will give them money. They may beg and even threaten. However, think about how you may be helping them destroy their lives even further by giving them money.
  • Providing a place to live. Providing them a place to live, especially after they have been kicked out of their place for a number of reasons, can be a huge red flag of enabling addiction.
  • Bailing them out. Whether it’s out of jail or out of trouble, bailing them out only allows them to continue their behavior.
  • Giving them food. Meeting them in a restaurant or buying them food and groceries may also be a way of enabling their addiction. They would not have to think about eating or putting food in their fridge as there is someone who is doing those for them.

It’s important to remember that if a drug addict is happy with you, you may be enabling them. Allow them to get the full course of their action and let them know that they can be supported as long as they seek help.

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