If You Say Yes to These Then You Most Likely Have A Drug Problem



“Drugs are dangerous.” We can hear people and even our parents at some point say these words to us. But the problem is, when you start using drugs, it’s not long when it becomes a real problem. Before you know it, you’re hooked.


So when you sometimes think that maybe you have a drug problem, the answer is, you probably do.

At times, the thought creeps in but you brush it off. Or you try to justify your drug use and minimize the issue. You hide, make excuses, and even defend it.

“Today would be different, I can make it through the day without using,” you say. But at the end of the day, a thought hits you, “Just a little, just this once.” And you give in. And the cycle continues without you being fully aware of it.

So here’s an “earth to you” moment. Read through the questions below, answer them as honestly as you can, and see if you really do have a drug problem. And then maybe you can start thinking about helping yourself.

  • Do you do drugs when you’re alone?
  • Have you ever used drugs for a longer period of time than you intended?
  • Have you ever used more amount of drugs than you initially intended?
  • Has anyone ever called your attention if you are using too much?
  • Has the thought came to you that you may have performed better, fulfilled more tasks, or make your life better if you weren’t doing drugs?
  • Have you ever felt angry at your self for using drugs?
  • Have you ever felt ashamed of your drug use?
  • Have you ever lied to anyone about your drug use?
  • Do you ever feel a stronger compulsion to do drugs at certain times of day?
  • Have you ever stolen drugs?
  • Have you ever stolen anything for drugs?
  • Have you ever become sick because of drugs?
  • Have you ever gotten yourself in trouble with authorities because of your drug use?
  • Have you ever missed an appointment or failed at a task because of your drug use?
  • Have you ever gotten yourself into fights because of your drug use?
  • Have you ever felt guilty after doing drugs?
  • Have you ever noticed that you seem to need a higher dose or more drugs to get the high or rush that you need?
  • Do you find yourself being in the company of people who use drugs?
  • Do you find yourself being disassociated with people who do not use drugs?
  • Have you ever overdosed on drugs?
  • Do you feel irritable when you do not do drugs?
  • Do you feel yourself panicking when your drug supply runs low?
  • Have you ever find yourself craving for drugs while you’re doing something else?
  • Have you ever felt like you can’t function well without drugs?

If you answered “Yes” to even at least two of the questions above, then reality check: Chances are you have a drug problem.

Talk to someone about your drug use. It helps to let it out and do something about it before it goes out of hand. You can also post any questions or comments you have here.

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