If You Think That You Control Addiction, Think Again and Read The Cycle of Addiction



Addiction is a complex disease. There is more to it than meets the eye, even much more than what media shows as stereotypes. For those who do not know or understand addiction much, they might say that people who are addicted may only lack willpower or self-control. However, as many addicts might admit, addiction is a strong compulsion to use over and over again despite all the negative consequences. There are complex and intertwining triggers that cause the addiction and bring the cravings.

If You Think That You Control Addiction, Think Again and Read The Cycle of Addiction.

In this article, we will take a look at how the addiction cycle starts, how one can get trapped in it, how one can end it, and for some, how it starts again.

Cycle of Addiction

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What We Should Understand
Instead of generalizing addicts and putting them neatly in the stereotype boxes that media and society has created, what we should understand is that these addicts are:
  • Suffering. They are suffering from deep emotional pain, or a traumatic experience that has pushed them to use drugs as a way of coping
  • In denial. Repeatedly using drugs have caused their brains to function differently, and they themselves, may be in active denial, refusing or being incapable of seeing clearly what other people see
  • Trapped. They are trapped in this addiction cycle with hardly any hope (or even desire) for ever getting out

The best way for us to help them is to understand them, and understand the dynamics of addiction.

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