Loving Him Into Rehab




Do you love him so much that you are willing to get him into rehab?

When you have a partner, spouse, family member or friend who is suffering from substance dependence or addiction, we often find ourselves wanting to keep them from harm and protect them even from themselves. We try to keep them clean and healthy, buy them medicine when they get sick, cover up their unpaid bills, support them when they lose their jobs, and help them if they get into any legal trouble.


However, when they start to turn against you, become violent or suicidal, depressed, and totally out of control…how do you help them? Do you still keep covering up for them?

How can you save them?

Real Talk

Sometimes, treatment is the only way to save your loved one. While it can be very difficult for you to be far from him, think of rehab as a way for them to break their downward spiral into destruction.

Thinking that he  must be willing to enter rehab in order for him to be effectively treated is a misconception. You as a family member or a spouse can take the necessary steps to get the help that he needs so he can overcome his addiction. Loving an addict involves recognizing that he has a problem and that rehab is a way to help him get his life back together.

Helping your loved one get the treatment that he needs may actually even save his life.

What you should do

To help him get into rehab, you should first educate yourself. You have to learn more about addiction, especially the kind that your loved one is struggling with. Go to the internet or better yet, read up more on our blog.

Have an intervention by meeting with him with the rest of the family and friends and telling him how his drug use have affected him and the lives of those who care about him. Be careful not to be condemning or accusatory. This talk is meant to somehow help the addict realize how the addiction is talking a toll on everyone’s life.

Discover which rehab facility is best for him. Search on the internet, visit some facilities, or talk with rehab specialists or counselors to widen your option. It is best to have the intervention when the plan is in place and you have a transportation ready so that he can go straight into treatment without the risk of “one last shots/hit.”

Remember to be supportive of your loved one and to follow the guidelines of the rehab facility. If there is a “no contact rule” for a specific time frame while he is in rehab, don’t try to contact him and allow him to just concentrate on getting into recovery.

If they refuse to leave rehab early, don’t pick them up or don’t provide them money. Better yet, lay down an ultimatum. Remember that your role is to provide positive motivation and healthy encouragement so he can focus on recovering.

Getting your loved one into rehab may not be a walk in the park. However, rest assured that it will definitely be worth it. 

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2 Responses to “Loving Him Into Rehab”

  • Kennon Angelo / / Reply

    Hi my name is Kenn. I have a sister, a younger sister age of 19 who probably become addicted to drugs. One day, she just went home different. I want to help her. Please contact me thru my email. Thank you and more power.

    • Bridges of Hope Admin / / Reply

      Hi Kenn, thank you for your comment. We have already sent you an email regarding this matter. We at Bridges of Hope is here to help you get to the bottom of this and give your sister the help she needs.

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