New Year Resolutions for People Recovering from Addictions



For those recovering from addictions, setting new year resolutions that actually stick can also be a challenge.

It’s no surprise that new year resolutions don’t really make it through the entire year. In other words, it has a high failure rate. And yet, we do it anyway. After all, the new year signals new hope, an excitement for new and better things ahead, and the potential of being better.

For those recovering from addictions, new year resolutions can help them continue their commitment to sobriety and recovery. Read below how you can stay on the path to recovery with your new year’s resolutions and this time follow through!

Stay sober with new year resolution suggestions:

  • Work on you. We all have something that we can improve about ourselves. Whether it’s our sleeping habits, our food choices, how we manage anger, how we procrastination, or the way we relate with others. Identify something you want to do better and help you stay on your path of recovery.
  • Give back. As they say, “You can’t keep it unless you give it away.” This year, look for opportunities to give back in your own way. Whether it’s by taking part in a local charity or giving donations, doing random acts of kindness can actually help you in relatively the same way that you are helping others.
  • Get your eye on improving your surroundings. The enemy of recovery is idleness and boredom. So you may want to consider taking on projects that would get you engaged and going after a goal. Setting hobbies or doing something to make your surroundings better or more comfortable can help set you up for a better mood. This may also even inspire you. For example, take a look around you and see what you need to take out, keep, or organize. Remove any clutter. Having a more pleasing surrounding can help make you feel good inside too.
  • Take care of your body. Everyone wants to commit to a healthier lifestyle as a new year’s resolution. As someone recovering from addictions, getting yourself in the best health can help you physically and mentally. When you were in active addiction, you may have caused great harm to your body, and getting treatment will help nurture you back to health. Now, it’s a matter of maintaining that and even improving your health to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally.
  • Build and grow your circle. The more support you have around you, the more that you can stick to your commitment to recovery and sobriety. Your circle must be positive and supportive. They should help you stay sober. Otherwise, this can cause more problems that might push you back into relapse. Therefore, cultivate the positive relationships that you have. Show appreciation to the people who help you get to where you are now. Be an inspiration to others, too, and form new friendships along the way.

By taking stock of what you have in your life and how you can continue to be better, you can create new year resolutions that you can really adhere to. This will help improve the quality of your life and strengthen your sobriety.

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