GMA NewsTV11 Brigada Features Bridges of Hope in Episode on Alcoholism



In an episode aired September 29 at 8pm on GMA NewsTV 11, Brigada features Bridges of Hope as it interviews Envic Zamora, Bridges of Hope Executive Director, about alcoholism and treatment options available for alcoholics. In this episode, reporter Jay Zabale goes in depth on the different issues about alcohol and how drinking is deeply rooted in Filipino culture.


The episode also tackles the negative effects of drunkenness and alcoholism as it covers examples of deeds and crimes committed by people while they were intoxicated. In the episode, Zamora discusses the problems of alcohol addiction and the available treatment options for anyone wanting to change and be sober.

In the tradition of the classic investigative news program in the same network, Brigada Siete, Brigada presents news features, in-depth reports, and comprehensive interviews on current topics in and around the country. Hosted by Jessica Soho, it airs on Mondays, 8PM, on GMA NewsTV channel 11.


Bridges of Hope Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc is the program of choice for those seeking treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency. We will continually develop a team whose efforts are aimed at growth, sharper focus, and improved competency.

One of its missions is to show men and women, along with their families, the way out of the debilitating and deadly cycle of alcoholism and drug addiction.

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