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Obsession: Can It Lead To Addiction?

First and foremost, obsession is different from addiction. An obsession is an ideation or thought that persistently and constantly preoccupies […]
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How to Approach a Loved One Abusing Cocaine

It’s not easy to watch a loved one fall into that downward spiral of drug use and addiction. And when […]
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8 Signs of Drug Overdose and What You Can Do

A drug overdose, or more commonly known as OD, happens when a person consumes too large of a dose or […]
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quarantined with alcoholic spouse

Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse? Here are Crucial Coping Tips

Coping with an Alcoholic Spouse While on Lockdown

Seeing your alcoholic spouse be on this destructive pattern may make you feel restless, stressed, embarrassed, angry, and even helpless.

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