Program Director Gimo Gomez Appears on TV5 ReAksyon




Bridges of Hope Drug and Alcohol Foundation Program Director, Gimo Gomez, is interviewed by prominent broadcaster Luchi Cruz-Valdez on ReAksyon, which shows on TV5 at 10:45 pm.

After recent interviews for CNN Philippines and PTV4’s The Veronica Chronicles, Bridges of Hope Program Director Guillermo “Gimo” Lopez now appears on TV5 program ReAksyon in a two-part special.


In the show, Gimo Gomez is interviewed by renowned news anchor Luchi Cruz-Valdez on illegal drugs, addiction, and his take on the recent Close-Up Forever Summer incident where 5 individuals died from alleged drug overdose. The show aired its first part yesterday, June 16, at channel 5, at 10:45 pm.

In the 15-minute first episode, Gimo detailed his own experience with drug use and abuse. He talked about how he was introduced to marijuana and methamphetamine (or shabu) and how, many years later, an “addiction switch” was turned on in his brain, which led him to compulsively abuse shabu for many years.


He uses his own experience to exemplify the growing problem of drug abuse in the country, especially with the many types of drugs being “cooked” right at home by would-be “chemists.” Thanks to do-it-yourself recipes found on the internet, these enterprising people are able to concoct their own drugs using household and over-the-counter (or even bootlegged) ingredients. Case in point: the different types of MDMA or Ecstasy tablets that are known to produce different effects. However, these pose a great danger as users don’t know what other chemicals are mixed in with these drugs. On top of this, there’s also the long-term damage to the brain and body, which Gimo explained in the interview.


He also talked about how rehabilitation methods and addiction treatment have improved and modernized in the country, which is a far-cry from how society has stereotyped addicted patients in rehab.

Watch out for the second part of Gimo’s ReAksyon interview with Luchi Cruz-Valdez later tonight, June 17, at 10:45 pm on TV5.


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