Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse? Here are Crucial Coping Tips



quarantined with alcoholic spouse

Living with an alcoholic spouse is beyond challenging. And now that many areas in our country are on lockdown or community quarantine, you may be faced with dealing with them day in and day out.

With drinking a normal and even encouraged tradition to celebrate positive events and copy with negative ones, it’s no wonder many people are exposed to alcohol dependent loved ones. Alcoholic spouse, included.

Quarantined with an Alcoholic Spouse

Before the pandemic, your life may have been a whole lot different. Your routine would consist of getting ready for work, going out with friends, and even travelling to places.

Now, however, things are so much different. You may be spending more time at home–and here you may see disturbing patterns. You may notice how your spouse drinks too much or may develop a drinking problem.

As you spend more time at home, you noticed nuances that you were amazed that you never noticed before. Your spouse may, in fact, be an alcoholic.

So what do you do and how do you cope?

Coping with an Alcoholic Spouse While on Lockdown

Seeing your alcoholic spouse be on this destructive pattern may make you feel restless, stressed, embarrassed, angry, and even helpless.

What can you do?

Here we listed some ways to help you cope.

  • Set boundaries. You may both be preoccupied with your own work-from-home arrangements. Make this an alcohol-free time. While you may be working from home and you don’t have your immediate supervisor looking after you during work hours, make it a point to stay responsible and uphold integrity by not drinking while on the clock.
  • If you are not on a work-from-home arrangement, still make sure that your days are productive. Make the daytime continue to be alcohol-free, especially for your alcoholic spouse.
  • Don’t shop for alcohol. Sometimes, it’s really as simple as cutting off their supply and making it harder for them to get access to their addiction. If you’re the one doing the groceries, simply avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • Focus on more productive things. Take this quarantine period to develop healthier habits. Take up a course or start a fitness routine. Instead of drowning yourself in negative behavior, use this moment for self-improvement.
  • Spot potential triggers. Your alcoholic spouse may have triggers which make them crave for alcohol. Understanding these triggers can allow you to take the necessary steps to prevent them from going overboard. Let’s go over them:
    • Feeling overwhelming emotions, such as being angry or happy
    • Feeling lonely or bored
    • Feeling tired
    • Feeling hungry
    • Having negative thoughts
    • Highly stressful situations such as arguments, money problems, etc.
    • Mental illnesses that may make them resort to alcohol to cope
    • Relationship issues
    • Being invited and urged on by friends

Reach Out to Bridges of Hope

Are you worried that your spouse is an alcoholic? Does it cause distress in your family? Aggression? Violence? Please seek help.

At Bridges of Hope, we provide treatment programs for alcohol addiction and addiction to other substances and behaviors. Talk to us to learn more.

Call 09175098826 to learn about how we can support you through these challenging times.

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  • Shirley / / Reply

    My brother gets depression in to much dringking alcohol.and it coz trouble in his family ang in our family too.i am so worried about it.thank u

    • Tiffany Reyes / / Reply

      Hi Shirley, this is Tiffany. Please call us at 09175098826. Talk to Jon and he can help you. Alcohol addiction is dangerous and we hope we can work together with your family to help him before things get worse.

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