Real-Life Horror By Illegal Drugs



Illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, to name a few, cause negative and even fatal effects to anyone who abuses and becomes addicted to them. However, there seems to be more and more dangerous drugs being made everywhere in the world.

This article shows you the newer drugs being made, sold, and used and their horrific, fatal side effects.


When it comes to illegal and addictive drugs, abstinence is key, experimentation is a sin, and trying these out is utterly like creating your own horror movie where both the monster and the victim is none other than YOU.

Bath Salts

You may have come across a 2012 news that featured a ‘Florida Zombie’. This news became especially viral in social media as the attacker was said to be under the influence of a new designer drug called in the streets as “bath salts”. This particular incident caught people by surprise because the attacker on bath salts reportedly bit off another person’s face, much like zombies in the movies.

Bath Salts got its name because sellers of this drug disguise it as ordinary bathing bath salts. It resembles the otherwise innocent, calming bathing product, making it an easy disguise for a much harmful substance.

Bath Salt Zombie

Bath Salts have been in the  market since the 1960s but it was not until the ‘Florida Zombie Attack’ that it has been introduced into pop culture. Bath Salts can cause hallucinations and behavioral changes that is starkly similar to zombie movies. Those who take bath salts does not seem to feel any pain. Other symptoms include headache, paranoia, panic attacks, violent behaviors, breakdown of skeleton muscle tissue, kidney failure, liver failure, heart attack, and even suicidal thoughts.

Since the Florida incident, 200 more people acting violently under the influence of bath salts have been reported.

Devil’s Breath

Scopolamines are used medically to prevent motion sickness and as an anesthetic. However, there is an illegal drug version called ‘The Devil’s Breath’ which is considered as one of the scariest drugs on the planet.

The Devil’s Breath is a Columbian drug popular in the countryside, where it originates from a plant called Borrachero. When the plant is pollinating, the pollen are said to cause strange dreams and hallucinations.

The drug also causes people to not think for themselves and also come into the so-called ‘zombie state’.


Devil’s Breath is extracted and ground up to become a white, odorless powder that people can sprinkle onto food and drinks to make the victims that will ingest these docile. Criminals often do this to more easily coax people into committing crimes, and other acts, to the point that they can even pimp some of their victims as prostitutes.


As more and more people seek new ways to get high and make the feeling last longer, people turn to designer drugs for an answer. Often, people come across Bromo-Dragonfly, which can make the high last for two to three days with just a relatively small dose.

In fact, overdose can happen easily and quickly, leading to severe and even fatal side effects. Overdoses are common with just taking 1mg of the drug, and some people can be tricked into buying this over other drugs because Bromo-Dragonfly looks the same as other illegal substances. It is sold in powder or liquid form and taken orally.

This highly fatal drug has a chemical composition that looks similar to a dragonfly, thus the name. Symptoms will start to kick in 6 hours after taking the drug and can cause alternate states of lucidity and extreme psychedelic intoxication throughout the experience, which can last up to three days. Other symptoms include mood swings, hallucinations, decrease in appetite, muscle tension, memory loss. Overdose symptoms are fatal, which includes increased heart rate, vomiting, tremors, and even death.

DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

DNP is considered as a wonder drug for those seeking to lose weight. Many weight-loss products have DNP, which claims to burn fat and therefore cause weight loss. Little does the public know that DNP is also used to make chemicals, dyes, woo preservatives, and explosives.

DNP was popular in the 1930’s through 1940’s where it boasted of increasing the metabolism, as well as burning fat right off the stomach. However, it was eventually pulled out when reports state that it increases the body temperature to dangerous levels to the point that some dieters get cooked to death due to high body temperature.

Dangerous Effects of DNP

Now illegal, many people still buy DNP in the black market to add to weight loss pills or to make themselves lose weight. Immediate symptoms include increase in body temperature and excessive sweating, dehydration, flushed skin, cataracts, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing, irregular heart rate, and dizziness. Other symptoms includes skin lesions, heart and nervous system damage, birth defects, and cancer.


This last drug is alarmingly lethal. In fact, its symptoms are so scary that many would think it is just out of some horror movie. However, it is real.

Krokodil is a Russian street alternative to heroin. It is composed of many other substances that are already harmful to the body. Some of these substances are lead, gasoline, codeine, and many others.

What is strange about this drugs is that even though people know that the drug is dangerous, they still use it. The high is immediate, and lasts very short, making it very addictive. Moreover, it is very cheap compared to heroin.

Krokodil Effects

Krokodil got its name after the open sores that appear on the drug user’s body, which looked like crocodile scales. As they become long-time users, the more the skin begins to rot, leading to a condition called necrotizing fascitis. The skin will rot from the inside and, if left untreated, will continue to rot until it makes its way to the bones. Many Krokodil users had to have their limbs amputated. More gruesome is, the skin starts to rot only after three to four injections. Life expectancy of these users last no more than two years.

Now Think About This

More and more designer drugs are being produced, mixing in all kinds of chemicals to make the drugs more potent, more long-lasting, more addictive, and way cheaper. Any drug–or even anything at all– is dangerous when taken out of proportion. But if a drug is being made that will make you commit crimes, make you do things you can’t control, chew off another person’s face, or even just burn you to death, then the best thing to do is to be aware and to stay out of drugs.

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