Searching for the High: How You Can Enjoy Life Without Drugs



Many start out using drugs for fun, or out of curiosity. You can even say that you may have used drugs for the first time at a party, while celebrating an occasion, among friends, or simply to feel good. Soon enough, you will find yourself wanting to relive those moments and the good, happy, elating feelings that those moments bring.

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Different drugs make you feel different things, yet many get hooked to these substances because of the “good” feelings that they bring. For example, meth makes you feel invincible, confident, and energetic like you can do anything. On the other hand, cocaine makes you feel great and sexy about yourself. Marijuana affects you in a way that makes you happy and jolly. These feelings of a “high” are what make you come back to drugs until you are utterly shackled by it. You are also eventually surrounding yourself with people who do the same things and are living the same way.

If you are entertaining the notion of leaving that lifestyle and getting on the road to recovery and sobriety, you may find it hard to imagine enjoying life without drugs, or doing any activity without drugs.

This article hopes to show you that you can still enjoy daily life without the constant search for drugs.

Laughter is still the best medicine

Many drugs can make you happy and some give you bursts of laughter. But when addiction takes hold, you would soon find that the laughter and fun do not come as often anymore. Lifebecomes filled with problems and chaos.

When you finally decide to be sober once again, the body and the mind will be free from the chemicals that took hold of them for so long. Life would be seen with much clarity and you will have a better appreciation of their surroundings, especially of your family and friends.

Laughter and a positive attitude can be as powerful as any drug. It is an important part of sobriety to still embrace laughter and find activities that are enjoyable to you. Even movies and television shows can be a great outlet. With laughter giving you a “high” there is no chance that you will get into trouble, get an overdose, be bankrupt, go to jail, or undergo worse things.

Be Active!

In order to recover from addiction, it is important to have a new routine, as well as news activities, that are far from what you used to have when they were doing drugs. When you become clean from drugs, you can find yourself new preoccupations, take up a new hobby, and make new friends along the process. Involve yourself in sports, and pursue activities such as basketball, swimming, tennis, or badminton. You can also find exhilaration in activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, biking, mountain climbing, or simply going to the beach. Travel and the outdoors can bring you a new sense of “high” or serve as an escape from the pressures and demands of daily life.


Being clean requires you to turn your back on certain things that may or will lure you back to your old habits. A key to keeping sobriety is to surround yourself with your family as well as new sets of friends who can further motivate you into living life drug-free. You may even see that simply getting to know new people can be fun too. In fact, your new-found sobriety can also give you a fresher perspective in life and a deeper understanding of how to better handle sticky situations. Who knows, you may even find yourself being the person that gives sound advice to your new friends. It is this kind of support and interaction from other people that will keep you grounded with yourself too.

You can really, truly and definitely have the best time of your life without drugs. In fact, the best time of your life is in fact NOW because you are in your best physical and mental shape and best of all, you have finally found freedom from drugs.

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