“They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab…” But Do I Really Need to Go?



“One more quick hit then I’ll quit. Promise.”

Have you said these words to yourself many times before? How about yesterday? And then today? Recovery is an Acceptance If you have been using drugs or alcohol, you are not the only one who have tried to convince yourself that you can stop–and yet failed to do so time and again. Addiction is a difficult pill to swallow and you may not be viewing yourself and your situation objectively, or even nearly as what your family and friends do. Maybe you really can’t quit on your own and you really need help. Below are some things to consider and if you believe this applies to you, we strongly urge you to seek treatment or at least talk to our rehab specialists today: 1. Withdrawal. Do you experience any physical withdrawal symptoms after you abstain from drugs or alcohol? Do these withdrawal symptoms give you reason to go back and drinking and doing drugs again? Withdrawal symptoms vary from substance to substance, and they can be as mild as irritability, nausea and vomiting, to as fatal as seizures, heart failure, and coma. If you are experiencing these withdrawal symptoms, seek help immediately.

Amy Winehouse Before and After Drugs

“Rehab” Soul Singer Amy Winehouse was addicted to heroin and cocaine, died in 2011 at the age of 27 reportedly due to alcohol poisoning.

2. Physical and/or Mental Health Problems. Do you have physical or mental health problems that arose or worsened when you started using substances or became addicted? Drugs and alcohol addiction can cause a series of problems such as heart disease, memory loss, brain damage, oral health problems, and drastic weight loss or weight gain. If your health is deteriorating due to your addiction, you should find a way to stop and seek treatment. 3. Social and Financial Deterioration. If you find yourself neglecting your work or your responsibilities at home because of your addiction, you are in for the downhill ride. Most addicts, even the functional ones, will sooner or later find themselves losing their jobs or their careers, and shattering their relationships with their families and friends. Substance abuse can lead to domestic problems as well, resulting to broken marriages and families. If you feel that you are on your way to losing everything in your life (and maybe even don’t care about it as long as you have drugs or alcohol), then it’s high time you talk to an interventionist or rehab specialist. 4. Futile Attempts at Abstinence. If you have lived on a daily basis on a mantra somewhat similar to the statement in the beginning of this article, then you know you need help. Saying goodbye to something you are addicted to can be unimaginable and even daunting for some. However, rehabilitation and recovery may be the only way that will save them before it’s too late.

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