Top 5 Reasons to Go to an Addiction Rehab This Holiday Season



The Holiday Season can be a time for renewal. Find out why this is the best time for you to get into Addiction Rehab.

The holiday season is thick in the air here in the Philippines as carols and Christmas songs boom in the streets. Meanwhile, parols and Christmas tress adorn homes and people from all over flock the malls to buy their gifts.

While the holiday is truly meant to be a season for giving, sharing, and celebration, not everyone shares the same sentiment. It can also be a dark season. For those who are struggling with addiction but haven’t gone to an addiction rehab or have done so but relapsed, the holiday season can bring a mix of difficult feelings. The holidays can make them feel disconnected, disappointed, frustrated, isolated, and lonely.

For one, the Christmas parties and celebrations are fueled by alcohol, which can highlight those with drinking problems. Those with alcohol addiction or substance abuse problems can see the open bar as a way to indulge and feed their cravings. This is an apparent recipe for disaster.

However, the holiday season on the other hand can also be a recipe for healing. This can be a great opportunity for those with substance use problems to seek addiction rehab.

The Perfect Time is Now

The time to go into an addiction rehab treatment facility will always be “now.” However, highlighting the holidays for change can create a highly meaningful decision for those with addictions. After all, this can be an ideal time to step away and focus on yourself while giving your family the best gift of all: sobriety.

Why The Holiday Season is Perfect for Addiction Treatment

Here are 5 reasons to consider why you should spend the holidays seeking addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one:

  1. Start the new year right. Many people look at the holidays and the upcoming new year in a reflective light. However, many also tend to postpone making a change or a self-improvement until the new year rolls over. While the new year can be a dramatic starting point to change; starting NOW can be a great way to help you hit the ground running once the new year starts. This will allow you to overcome the harder parts of rehab, like detox and withdrawal.
  2. It’s the best gift. Going into a residential rehab can be against the meaning of the holidays, which is togetherness and family. However, what gift will you be giving them if you’re high or drunk for most of the holiday season? Getting health and sober, and keeping yourself away from trouble may just be the best thing you can give those who love you the most. Being away for a few months can be the single greatest tradeoff you can do to have a clear mind, healthy body, and rebuilt relationships for the rest of the year. And of course, in the years to come.
  3. Focus on the holiday’s real meaning. It’s easy to slip into a destructive pattern and into a pattern of excess. However, it’s best to not lost sight of what the season is about. It’s about rebirth, light, being saved, and just keeping yourself alive to enjoy what life has to offer. It’s also about family and love.
  4. Schedules are more flexible. You can start your leave during the holidays and start from here. This is the time when kids are on a break and employees can go on leaves, and this holiday season can provide you the space and time you need for your own healing and sobriety.
  5. Let’s face it—it reins you in. Substance abuse is a progressive disease. While you think that there’s nothing wrong with you right now, the holidays can make your symptoms get worse, especially when holidays bring to the fore family issues and a plethora of triggers.

This holiday season, give yourself a chance. Put yourself first. Put your sobriety first. Get ahead of your substance use disorder and set yourself up for a better year ahead.

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