Pioneering Partnership Between Bridges of Hope and The Medical City Elevates Holistic Healthcare and Addiction Recovery



Manila, Philippines – June 16, 2023 – A groundbreaking partnership between Bridges of Hope and The Medical City is set to further reshape addiction treatment in the Philippines. The partnership, which is the first of its kind between a private addiction treatment center and a healthcare network, was officially inked on June 16, 2023, between Bridges of Hope’s President, Florencio Bernabe, and The Medical City’s Vice President and Enterprise Head, Lawrence Sibayan.

True to Bridges of Hope’s mission of elevating addiction treatment in the country, they have partnered with The Medical City, aligning both their missions to make top-notch healthcare and recovery more accessible to all.

Bridges of Hope, currently with 10 addiction treatment facilities all over the country, has long been recognized as a beacon of hope for individuals in need of drug, alcohol, gambling, and behavioral treatment. As a leading name in private and professional treatment, it shares the same mission of holistic healing and partnership with patients with The Medical City, also the biggest name in its field.

The Medical City is the largest healthcare network in the country, composed of one flagship complex, four provincial hospitals, and over 50 clinics in Metro Manila and in select provinces in the Philippines. Thus, the partnership underlines their aligned mission and strong commitment to make healing and healthcare more accessible for all.

Bridges of Hope has a deep commitment to providing holistic, evidence-based, and individualized treatment. Its program is tailored to meet the unique needs, motivations, and experiences of each of their residents. This client-centered approach, coupled with the utilization of the Eclectic Therapeutic Community approach, sets Bridges of Hope apart as a leading name in addiction recovery in the Philippines, something that The Medical City can resonate with.

This is why the partnership between Bridges of Hope and The Medical City marks a pioneering milestone in both the addiction treatment and the healthcare fields.

Bridges of Hope and The Medical City: A Trailblazing Partnership

The partnership with The Medical City, the largest healthcare network in the Philippines, marks an exciting turning point in the journey towards promoting addiction awareness and improving accessibility for addiction rehabilitation and treatment alongside quality medical care. The Medical City’s flagship complex, provincial hospitals, and network of clinics have been dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to inpatients and outpatients, serving approximately 50,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients annually. This network opens to Bridges of Hope staff and residents who are in need of high-quality healthcare services. In the same vein, The Medical City connects those in need of addiction treatment with Bridges of Hope’s many addiction rehabilitation facilities around the country.

This unprecedented collaboration between Bridges of Hope and The Medical City recognizes the intricate connection between physical well-being and mental health. Addiction recovery is not limited to the realm of psychology; it requires a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the profound interplay between the mind and the body.

“At Bridges of Hope, we have always understood that everyone is different. Our partnership with The Medical City enables us to combine our expertise with their exceptional medical care, creating a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, and allowing their patients easier access to urgent and much-needed private addiction treatment. This collaboration reflects our commitment to guiding individuals on their unique journey to recovery and a better life,” remarked President Florencio Bernabe.

Further Transforming Addiction Treatment and Care

This transformative partnership paves the way for an integrated approach to addiction treatment. From the moment an individual seeks help, the collaboration ensures a personalized care plan that addresses their specific needs and circumstances. Bridging the gap between psychological well-being and medical care, Bridges of Hope and The Medical City are setting a precedent for comprehensive, individualized recovery journeys.

As the recovery landscape evolves, this partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the unwavering belief in the possibility of cost-effective and accessible professional addiction treatment and healthcare for all. With Bridges of Hope’s dedication to personalized care and The Medical City’s commitment to medical excellence, this collaboration is poised to redefine addiction treatment in the Philippines.

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