Are You a Sex Addict? Watch Out for These 10 Signs



sex addict sex addiction signs

Contrary to popular belief, there’s really more to a sex addict than someone who just wants to have sex all the time. Let’s take a closer look at what it really is and if you or someone you know may, in fact, be a sex addict.

Sex is a biological need and let’s admit it–humans enjoy it. If you are like most people who like having sex, then good for you. However, it sex is causing problems in your life, then maybe it’s time to take a step back and see if there’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed, like sex addiction.

sex addict sex addiction signs

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is actually not just as simplistic as wanting to have sex all the time. Sex addiction refers to a range of behaviors that, like addiction to drugs or alcohol, reflects a compulsion, in a way that one indulges on the substance or act in an excessive manner to the point that the behavior has a negative impact on the different aspects of the person’s life.

Sex addiction can come in different forms:

  • Pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Masturbation
  • Fantasy
  • Sadistic or masochistic behavior
  • Exhibition
  • Voyeurism
  • Other excessive or unusual sexual pursuits

10 Signs of Sex Addiction

You have a sex addiction if you exhibit these signs:

1. Leading a double life. Cheating or lying about your whereabouts is different. You lead a double life if you have sexual secrets that you can’t share with anyone. If your other life is full of sexual proclivities that may destroy the other part of your life, then there is something off.

2. Exploiting others for sex. You’re probably a good person, but when it comes to sex, you care less about other people. For you, they are objects for your pleasure.

3. Your life is in one crisis after another. And this is because all you can think about is sex and the next time you’ll get your insatiable fix. For others who are sex addicts, they may find themselves losing their jobs, ruining their reputations, getting six, and in all kinds of trouble just because of their sex addiction.

4. You’re constantly preoccupied with sex. You arrange your life around it. You’re out of control and you do things that are riskier and riskier just because you want to get your fix.

5. Your kinks become more and more unusual. You don’t get off of the “normal” stuff anymore. While trying different things in bed can be advisable and even healthy for most people, your kinks are more and more extreme and even absurd.

6. You always masturbate. You can’t control your urge. Sometimes, even when you’re in a public place.

7. Your relationships are messed up. You can’t keep relationships because you end up messing it up because of your sexual proclivities.

8. You are powerless over your urges. You can’t help yourself. You tell yourself you’ll cut down or stop, but then you end up giving in, then you feel guilty afterwards.

9. You hate yourself. You know you’re hurting people along a way, and you are starting to build a resentment towards yourself.

10. You do it even if there’s a risk or danger. You don’t care if you’re going to catch a disease or you’re going to break up a family, or if your spouse will find out. You have no regard for the consequences of your actions.

If, after reading this, you may think that you or someone you know may be a sex addict, seek help. Contact us at Bridges of Hope: 09175098826.

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