Breakups and Mental Health: How to Move On Without Losing Yourself



breakups and mental health

Breakups are never easy. No matter how long or how deep the relationship is, there’s always something about parting ways with someone special that can really get to you.

In fact, perhaps you have at some point succumbed to the heartbreak with the best way you know how: going out with friends, drinking the sadness away, locking yourself up in your room, or crying for days. All these are normal responses and we all cope with breakups the best way we know how.

However, there are things that can help us move on better and this is what this article is all about.

The thing with breakups

Yes, breakups are never easy, but there are better, more positive ways of coping, which can help you avoid further problems down the road. The following tips are also helpful for those who may have current or pre-existing mental health conditions, as stressful situations such as breakups can definitely be a dangerous trigger.

Losing a relationship is never easy, and these heightened roller coaster of feelings can definitely take its toll. So, here are some tips to help you take care of your mental health and cope with breakups in the best way.

Avoid rash decisions

No matter how painful or difficult it is, try to avoid making significant life decisions that you may regret later on. Try not to resort to harmful behaviors as well. Sure, may of your friends, especially considering our culture, may urge you to drink your sorrow away, but alcohol can actually make you more depressed, as studies show. You may also set yourself up to making wrong decisions that can cause you more grief.

Try to stick to your routine

So you decided to stay home and binge-watch on sad romantic movies the whole weekend. That’s perfectly fine and understandable. However, you draw the line when you know it’s not really going to help you move forward if you keep that up. One of the best ways to cope is to continue with your regular routine as best as you cam. You can even take this time to reconnect with yourself and take care of yourself more by going to the gym, going out on a date by yourself (why not?), and spending time with family and friends.

Know that there are those who love you too

Sometimes, you focus too much on what you’ve lost during breakups that you don’t realize that you are surrounded by many people who love you. Let them envelop you with their love and care. These could be your family and friends, so acknowledge them and let them help you out in this trying time.

Find what feels good even after breakups

Keep one object that will help keep you grounded–or sane, even. Find something that can help soothe you, or bring you good thoughts. Whether it’s a stress ball, a picture, or even a pet. Stick to what gives you positive feelings–just make sure that these are not helping you form destructive habits, though!

Get rid of destructive thought patterns

Change is hard, but changing how you think about change is even harder. Reframe your thoughts and this can help you put things in better perspective. In fact, take the negativity out of your breakup. Take this as a positive step towards something better, towards something that’s meant for you.

What other healthy breakup tips can you share?

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