Bridges Of Hope Spreads Advocacy in Batangas League of Secretaries Seminar



BH talks in BLESS Seminar-3

Bridges of Hope once again extends its advocacy on spreading awareness about addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery as it participated in the recently concluded seminar organized by The Batangas League of Secretaries to the Sanguinian (BLESS).

BH talks in BLESS Seminar-3

The seminar, which was attended by Barangay Secretaries in Batangas’ 105 barangays, focused on enhancement talks. Many speakers were invited to grace the 4-day event held in the Bayview Hotel in Manila from July 16 to 19 2019. One of the guest speakers from the event is none other than Bridges of Hope’s very own resident psychologist, Dra. Bernadette “Babes” Monteclaro-Manalo. Dra. Manalo discussed Stress Management, which includes tips and best practices on how to handle stress especially in the workplace.

Included in the talk was Mr. Dean Calleja, Executive Director for Bridges of Hope-Quezon City. He talked about addiction and the importance of professional treatment. This shed light on issues about drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions, as well as cleared up misinformation and misconceptions about addiction issues. Calleja shared crucial information on how to detect and approach addicts, as well as different treatment options. The talk also highlighted the importance of professional treatment, and the presence of private rehab facilities such as those provided by Bridges of Hope. This talk is part of Bridges of Hope’s dedication in spreading awareness about the dangers of addiction and that professional help is available.


“Talks like this are important especially for LGUs in the Barangay level so that they can also help address addiction issues plaguing their communities. This can help set off important programs and legislation measures to help remove the destructive stigma surrounding addicts and the issue of addiction. The talk has proved to be valuable also as it helps them realize that they can refer people in active addiction to facilities such as Bridges of Hope in order to get professional help,” shares Calleja.

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