Creating Your Own Happiness from Within: Here’s 5 Ways




Happiness doesn’t mean a beautiful house, a luxury vacation, plenty of friends, adulation, and a grand life. Happiness can be found in the quiet hours of the night, in a small cabin, with a loved one, or with nothing but just the simplest things in life. Happiness is what you make of life, whatever life brings.


A person who has found happiness no matter what his circumstances are has learned how to be happy with the small stuff, or even with nothing at all. It’s all in the state of mind. And these pointers on how to create your own happiness can help you take on problems and cope with them positively and constructively, instead of resorting to destructive behavior.

1. Work with meaning. Work to live or live to work? That is the question. Many of us spend thousands of hours at work. For some, their life revolves at work, while others simply hate their jobs. The solution to this is to either find something you love to do and get paid for it, or find some meaning in the work that you have now. Another thing to think about is how to be thankful with the job that you have now, and find something interesting and meaningful with it; if not, you can focus on how it provides for you and your family, or just set aside a breather or a vacation to rejuvenate your body and mind.

2. Be a benefit-finder. Someone who finds benefits in every situation, a “sliver lining” as people say, tend to have a healthier outlook in life and are better off handling all that is hurled their way. This is because finding benefit is a healthy approach in life, way better than complaining all the time. When you complain, you rob yourself of the opportunity to see the good that is happening and will happen in your life.

3. Find daily pleasures. Infuse your every day with things to be delighted or thankful about to elevate you mood even on days when nothing seems to go your way. Give yourself a break from a dreary afternoon either by simply closing your eyes and giving yourself breathing exercises, or by reading your favorite novel. At the end of a busy work week, you can also reward yourself and indulge in constructive and healthy recreations such as a weekend of playing tennis or hiking.

4. Embrace life and the living. People who are comfortable with just being themselves amid nature can easily find happiness in the little things the world has to offer. Find time to be in touch not only with nature but with yourself. Take time to meditate (even in the ways you know how), pray, slow down, or just be silent. It is at the hustle and bustle of life that we often lose ourselves so it is best to take a break and be in harmony with yourself and with nature.

5. See challenges instead of problems. If you always view your situation as sad, or if you find yourself falling short when you compare yourself with others–STOP. It’s not helping you. You are only likely to get stressed out and you will fail to find the blessings that you have in life. If you view your problems as challenges, you are more likely to be determined and eager to overcome it. For example, if you’re not a born public speaker and you’re tasked to give a presentation, if you see this as threatening, you are more likely to stumble and make mistakes. The experience will indeed be a disaster. However, if you see this as a challenge for you to be more confident speaking in public and an opportunity for you to share what you know, you can perform better and are more likely to succeed. Your attitude of positivity will simply shine through.

Let’s face it: Life is complex. It is full of puzzles and unexpected events, good or bad. It all depends on how we look at it. Having a healthy outlook and constructive coping mechanisms can help you feel better about yourself and succeed in life. It also helps us deal with problems and triumphs without resorting to choices that may eventually lead to our downfall.

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