Loving an Addict: How to Help Them and Yourself



Loving an Addict

For many people who are in a relationship with an addict, who are loving an addict, their situation can be filled with chaos, uncertainty, negativity, and even violence. This is because the addicted person can be the sweetest, most endearing person one moment, and then a complete stranger the next.

People who struggle with substance abuse problems behave differently when they are under the influence of drugs. And when the drugs or substance wear off, they become another person altogether. Under drugs or alcohol, they may say or do hurtful, insensitive, and even dangerous things. They may hurt your feelings and even hurt you physically. For you who care about them, you may live a life in daily worry and intense fear.

Another thing about loving an addict is that they may also be going through other mental health issues as well. The addiction and the mental health issues often feed off each other. Unless both are treated, it’s going to be a downward spiral.

If you are in a relationship with someone struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, it’s important to know the signs of abuse and how you can best help them. It’s also important that you get the support that you yourself need, since this situation is neither easy nor hard to look away from.

Signs of Addiction to Watch Out For:

Some of the signs of alcohol or drug abuse are the following:

  • appearing under the influence or intoxicated more often
  • developing memory problems
  • having poor judgment and problem-solving skills
  • being lethargic
  • appearing unwell or tired all the time
  • having irregular sleeping and eating patterns
  • only attending events where there’s drugs or alcohol involved
  • stealing money or other valuables to pay for their habit
  • lying about their substance use or how often and how much they are using
  • becoming angry, defensive, aggressive, or in denial when questioned about their substance use
  • being irritable or aggressive when not in the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • having poor hygiene
Loving an Addict

You, as someone who is loving an addict and are deeply concerned about they, may try to ask them to get help. And perhaps they have also tried in their own ways, even several times. However, addiction is not a choice nor is it something they can easily overcome by sheer willpower. That is why it’s called addiction in the first place.

As a loved one of the addict, you hold a big influence over them. Even if you may feel they are disregarding your concern or what you say, you still have an influence. Repeatedly offering them support or providing them information for treatment may help, as long as you also learn ways to constructively hold conversations with them.

Here are some things you have to remember:

  • Addiction is a disease and it’s not a moral failing or a weakness
  • Addiction is a disease that can be managed
  • You must set boundaries and be firm about enforcing them
  • Encourage them to seek help
  • Set an example for living a healthy, sober life
  • Be supportive, but not to the point of covering up for them
  • Be optimistic. They can still overcome their addiction as long as they get the help they need.

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