How to Maintain Your Sobriety One Day at a Time



sobriety one day at a time

Getting sober can be indescribably difficult–but keeping that sobriety is a whole new ballgame altogether. While your decision to become sober entails that you  make major changes to your life, staying sober means you have to stick to those changes despite all hardship and temptation. It’s staying true to your commitment to yourself.

sobriety one day at a time

Still, sobriety and staying sober are easily said than done. Before you get overwhelmed, here are some tips that can help you pull through and maintain your sobriety one day at a time.

Maintain Sobriety a Day at a Time

1. Understand that it takes time. Sobriety and recovery is not an overnight cure. It takes time, sometimes six months, sometimes 6 years–or even more. The important thing is to not overwhelm yourself and focus on the day at hand.

2. Remember self-care. Make sure you take care of yourself. Keep your body healthy and your mind sharp. Be active, participate in activities that you like doing, find a new hobby, and stay away from people and things that stress you out.

3. Try to give back. When you’re feeling low or you feel like you’re going to cave in, go out and help someone. Make someone laugh or even just smile. Extend a helping hand and a ready smile to other people and you will notice how it helps improve your mood.

4. Deal with the past, but move on from it. Don’t let the past haunt you. Face it, make amends with it, and learn to let it go. Work through your past experiences and the feelings they bring by taking to someone, preferably a professional or someone you can totally trust.

5. Find a support system. Find people who will be willing so positively support you on your journey. Find people whom you can trust and talk to. especially when you’re feeling low or when the cravings kick in. It also helps to find a support group filled with your peers.

6. Finish the story. Over the course of the months, or even years, of your sobriety, there will be times when you will think about your past, when you were drinking or using drugs. You may feel some cravings, or even a touch of excitement and longing over how it was in the past. However, you have to finish the story. Think about what will happen next after you use or drink. Think about the consequences if you choose to do it all again.

There really is no right or wrong way to be sober. Every recovery journey is unique and yet special. While these tips are helpful, it is still up to you to form your own habits and fortify your own commitment to your personal journey of sobriety.

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